Living Proverbs 31 Linkup

Living Proverbs 31

Welcome to a new week!  I’m excited and a little nervous about what this week will hold. For starters, I go back to work on Wednesday. Little man comes with me and I cannot wait to see “my other babies” but I’m also a little nervous about how it will go down.  In the past, the 1 year old had about 75% of my attention and the 4 year old got the rest. My little man is used to 100% […]

You Are Worth it! How Becoming a Mom Showed me God’s Love

"You are worth it" I whispered to my small son, and I hear the words repeated in my heart by the Lord...

I looked down into the eyes of my perfect little boy. Just 5 days old and I was in love already.  The hormones were still raging and I was near tears most of the time. Just looking at him made me feel teary eyed. Kissing his little cheeks I whisper “You are worth it! You were worth all those days of feeling sick. You were worth the aching hips and back….” I continue listing everything I suffered while being pregnant […]

Saving Money Online Shopping with Cardpool and Ebates

Check out my saving money online shopping tricks with these two saving sites.

Recently I needed to purchase some nursing bras. My total was over $70, but with coupons, discounts and cash back, I was able to pay much less than that.  Many times when shopping online I am able to get deals that I could never get in store. So today I want to share my secrets for saving money online shopping. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that help support this site at no cost to you. Thanks! Saving Money Online […]

Witnessing to Others as a Stay at Home Mom

christian mom

Do you ever feel like you aren’t doing enough for the Lord because you are a mom? Do you feel like witnessing to others as a stay at home mom is impossible because you are just too busy? Many women feel like they are a failure when it comes to doing stuff for the Lord, because they are too busy raising a family.  You hear of a sick neighbor that you should take food to, but your own children need […]

Alternate Family Medicine ~Can you Doctor Yourself?

Alternate family medice is found in many ways. Going to the doctor isn't always your only option.

I think most of you know that I choose alternate family medicine for myself and my family rather than traditional medicine.  Now, I’m not saying we never use medications or go to the doctor. I think if you’ve read my birth story you will already know that. While I know that our doctors and nurses serve a very important part in our communities; I also feel that as a culture here in America we are way too fast to run […]

Saving Money on Organic Foods

These are some great tips for saving money on organic foods!

I don’t know about you, but I like to feed my family organic or at the very least, non-gmo foods. However I don’t like buying organic foods. Why? Have you seen the prices?!?!?! lol Saving money on organic foods sounds like a good idea and I wanted to find some ways to do so.  Below I’ve listed some ideas I’ve found and stores who have started selling their own brand of organics that are often cheaper than the big names. […]

My baby is a Month Old Already!


I cannot hardly believe that it’s already been a month since Kolton was born. Time just goes by so fast. He was 8 pounds 6 ounces at birth and when we weighed him yesterday he was up to 12 pounds! He’s getting big and strong, holding his head up and looking around at everything. I’m glad he’s gaining because that means in spite of his lip tie and our nursing troubles, he’s still getting plenty to eat. We will be […]

Living Proverbs 31 # 96

Living Proverbs 31

Welcome back to another Living Proverbs 31 linkup! And welcome to another week. Do you ever look at your week ahead and just wonder what God has planned for you? Some things you may know, like we know we will be attending a wedding and seeing family. But there are all these little things that are unknown. I always enjoy looking ahead and wondering what is planned for us and how God will bless us this week.  Because blessings are […]

What is an Ampersand?

What is an Ampersand and what do they mean?

Today Jane from Mary and Martha is sharing something interesting with us. So tell us Jane, what is an Ampersand and where did it come from? What is an Ampersand, with Jane from Mary & Martha! If you are on the internet at all, you will notice a new trend, that of the Ampersand!  Ampersand’s are popping up in home decor, cards and wall hangings.  It bothers me when people use the + sign when they should use the & […]

Blood Clot Treatment for Flesh Wounds

This amazing spice provides great blood clot treatment for flesh wounds, and can do so many other things as well!

Okay, so not maybe the prettiest thing to think about; but little ones, especially little boys are good at getting all sorts of cuts and boo-boos. I know with a little boy in our house that the future is likely to be filled with boo-boos and blood. If you are squeamish, now is the time to click away. Maybe you would enjoy a funny post where I share a poem about homeschooling instead.  If you are not squeamish keep reading. […]

Joy Comes in the Morning ~Birth Story Pt 3

Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the Morning. Psalms 30:5 When Plans don’t go as Planned, and Accepting a Different Plan are parts one and two of my birth story, today I’m finishing the story with Joy Comes in the Morning. After I had been given some pain meds through my IV I fell into a fitful sleep. This sleep was interrupted around 6pm with a very very painful contraction. The midwife came in to check […]

Praying for Your Future Husband

Why is praying for your future husband so important? In this world of temptations and snares, don't wait until you are married to pray for your man, instead...

My marriage post today is a bit different than usual. But I know there are many young ladies who read this site as well and I wanted to talk to them today. Dear single ladies, are you praying for your future husband? Not as in “Lord send me a man!” but praying for his soul.  I remember reading Proverbs 31 as a young woman and the 12th verse really stood out to me. She will do him good and not […]

Best Baby Oil ~DIY Herbal Infusion

Best baby oil recipe that can also be used for massage oil.

What is the best baby oil? Probably the best is an all natural oil that both you and your baby love. For me the best baby oil is one I created by infusing herbs into a mixture of organic oils.  Oils like olive and coconut and herbs like lavender, rose and others. There are many benefits to making your own baby products. The number one benefit is if you make them, you control the ingredients and the quality. The other […]

Accepting a Different Plan ~Birth Story Pt 2

Accepting a different plan became neccesary as we didn't know what kind of damage my cholestasis would cause.

Last week I shared the first part of our birth story: When Plans don’t go as Planned.  Accepting a different plan wasn’t easy. I had wanted a homebirth and it was hard to give that up. But, from the first time we did blood work, I was trying to prepare myself for that possibility. Monday I called my midwife again and talked to her about ICP some more. I then went in for blood work the second time. Jason went […]

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Pregnancy Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea pregnany tea. Best tea to drink while pregnant!

I’m a huge fan of herbal teas, and since coffee was (mostly) off limits while I was pregnant I really appreciated my teas. My red raspberry leaf tea pregnancy tea was my favorite. And the benefits of it just cannot be beat.  Herbs like nettle bringing a wonderful source of iron, and red raspberry which offers such great female support made this the perfect tea. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Pregnancy Tea: 8 Parts Red Raspberry Leaf 3 Parts Alfalfa 3 […]

Essential Oils and Baby

Essential oils for baby and mommy

I don’t know about you, but I love Kate. If you are new here, Kate is one of our sponsors and each month she brings us a post on how essential oils can help naturally make our lives easier.  I know a little and each month I learn a little more. Today, in honor of our little one, she is sharing information on essential oils and baby. Our wee ones are so precious! They light up our life and change […]

Living Proverbs 31 #94

Living Proverbs 31

Welcome back to another linkup! I hope you are ready for another week. I am, yet I am not. We had a wonderful weekend of sleeping in on Saturday and taking Kolton to church for the first time on Sunday. So much fun “showing him off” to our church family. :)  I just cannot believe he is two weeks already, time is going way faster than I want it to for sure! On to the features, and maybe since I’m […]

Semi Annual Mary and Martha sale!


For those of you who love the Mary and Martha Products, this is for you from our sponsor Jane. Who doesn’t love Home Decor, Kitchen items, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Kids and Stationary, all with a Inspirational Message inscribed on them? So excited to tell you that Mary & Martha has their semi-annual sale going on. Shop June 27 to July 10 for many of their product prices being slashed from 50 to 75% off!! Mary & Martha is […]

Top 10 Family Activities ~Cheap Family Fun!

Top 10 family activities for summer on a budget. Cheap, and fun ideas!

With summer coming on, and school being out, what do you do? Growing up, summer was our busy time. Farm families have lots to do during the week and you would think that the kids, just like the parents would be ready for Sunday. Well we were, but we didn’t want naps, we wanted fun activities. Today I’m going to share what I would consider the top 10 family activities that won’t break the bank. Some of these were things […]

Natural Pest Control for Garden

Natural pest control for garden. Tips and tricks to get rid of the bad bugs and keep your garden pest and chemical free.

Yay! It’s summer and the garden is looking great! But, what is this? and why are there holes in the leaves? It looks like the pests are also enjoying your garden. Now, you could reach for that can of seven, or something else like that. But oh, now the kids cannot play in that area because of the risk of chemical exposure. It’s time to find a natural pest control for garden and plants. There are many different natural things […]