Menu Board Tutorial ~ Grocery Savings Made Easy.

A menu board tutorial and the Grocery savings make simple e-course review!

If you follow on Facebook, most likely you know I enrolled in a Grocery Savings Made Simple e-course. Taking the course, inspired me to create a menu board. Today I’m giving you my menu board tutorial and sharing how the Grocery Savings Made Easy course has went for me. Allow me to make one thing clear. This wasn’t a “read it once, immediately save tons of money” type of course. In fact, if someone promises you that, they are probably […]

Living Proverbs 31 #128

Living Proverbs 31

Hello friends! I hope all is going well in your little area of the world. We are all doing great here. Little mister is well on his way to crawling and I’m just scrambling to keep up. Before I head to the features, I wanted to mention something. We all know that when we joined fb, we agreed to terms and conditions that we didn’t read. I knew what they were though. Basically, any and all the information and photos […]

Replacing Advil for PMS Symptoms

Replacing Advil for PMS with natural oils

For years I struggled with horrible PMS. So much that I was thankful when my birth control stopped my periods. I later regretted my choice to use birth control, but at the time I felt it was my only choice. Once I discovered essential oils I was amazed at how well they worked for me. No more severe cramping and bloating, no more irritability and fatigue. While oils didn’t totally get rid of my symptoms, they relieved them far better […]

Better than the Coffee-House Chai Tea Recipe

Once you try this better than the coffee-house chai tea recipe, you will never go back to your Starbucks chai. This is the real stuff!

I had lived 20 years before tasting that first sip of chai tea.Then survived another three years before finding “the good stuff”. Now I’m sharing it with you. A better than the coffee-house chai tea recipe. While dating my now husband, we visited a coffee-house. Because I had been in a coffee shop the grand total of two other times, I proudly ordered–what I ordered the other two times–a mocha frappe. (I knew I couldn’t go wrong with chocolate!) Jason […]

Learn from Wives of the Bible +Linkup


Not much has changed in the past several thousand years. Wives have the same struggles today that they did then. In reading God’s word we can learn from wives of the bible. Disclaimer: This post, Learn from Wives of the Bible contains affiliate links which supports this site. Thanks We can read about wives who made wise choices and brought honor to their husbands, and we can read of foolish wives who shamed their husbands. These stories are spread throughout […]

God doesn’t Care if You Don’t Vaccinate ~ True Health

God doesn't care if you don't vaccinate. Instead, there is something else that is far more important to him and your children.

Social media and the media in general are all buzzing at the moment. People are terrified of the 120+ measles cases nationwide last month. The vaccine controversy has worn me out and I have a statement to make. Ultimately, God doesn’t care if you don’t vaccinate (or if you do to be honest). For that matter, I don’t earn “brownie points” with God for feeding my family mostly organic. He’s not going to love my cloth diapered child more than […]

Chunkalicious Pasta Sauce Recipe +Kitchen Tool Giveaway!

An Italian party in your mouth with this chunkalicious pasta recipe!

I should’ve been born in Italy, Italian foods are a huge favorite of mine. I serve Italian at least once a week, so when I say I have the best chunkalicious pasta sauce recipe to share with you, it’s time to start drooling! No smooth, mostly tomato flavored sauce for us. This bold, hearty, and chunky pasta sauce is an Italian party in your mouth! Chunkalicious Pasta Sauce Recipe You start out with veggies that are chopped and sauteed. Pour […]

Living Proverbs 31 Linkup and Features

Living Proverbs 31

Happy Monday y’all. Are you ready for a new week and new blessings? I am. It’s going to be a busy one for sure though. Jason will be attending a leadership retreat and I will be partying it up with my baby. Just Kolton and I, means mommy may not get much done in the evenings. Not much in the way of work that is. I will be making plenty of memories and enjoying the short time I have while […]

Make Your Own Seasoning for Breakfast Sausage

Seasoning for Breakfast sausage recipe

I don’t know when I last purchased breakfast sausage. Most of the breakfast sausage that is found in the stores makes me feel yuck. One brand in particular really affects me, and NOT in a good way. That’s why we make our own seasoning for breakfast sausage. The summer I turned 5 (I think), my grandpa discovered a small piglet in the ditch. I believe he managed to track down the farmer who had lost her, and was told he […]

The Time We all Got Sick Away from Home

That one time we all got sick away from home

Traveling is a wonderful thing, seeing the country and family can be a great adventure. The time we all got sick away from home was also an adventure and we won’t those memories anytime soon. Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links That One Time We All Got Sick Away From Home: Every other Christmas we travel to eastern Kansas and then to Western Kansas to see family. This year was a Kansas year. We flew when Kolton was just a month […]

Family Butchering Day +linkup

Family butchering day

Hello all! I don’t have a regular post for you today, just been a bit busy around here. Saturday our family butchered 2 pigs and they are now residing in our freezers. Butchering is usually pretty fun for a couple of reasons. One, it’s just fun to have the family together, even though most of the time we are arguing. In a good way of course. The guys all say they are having discussions and it is done in fun. […]

Judging or Jealous? Dear Formula Feeding Mommy

Dear formula feeding mommy, I know you saw me glance your way, I know you thought I was judging you. But was I judging or jealous?

Dear formula feeding mommy, you see the look I give you, before sitting down with my baby and giving him my breast. I know you feel judged, but was my look judging or jealous? Dear Formula Feeding Mommy, Was I Judging or Jealous? We probably heard the same thing when we were pregnant, we probably even heard the same thing when we gave birth. “Breast is best” they say, while trying to show you what to do. “It will hurt […]

A Life Upgrade ~His Job, My Phone and Walmart Best Plans

Life upgrades. - #MaxYourTax #Ad

This post: A Life Upgrade ~His Job, My Phone and Walmart Best Plans has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MaxYourTax #CollectiveBias After working 8 years with a great company, my husband had reached the proverbial glass ceiling. It was time for a change. I’m not going to go into all the nitty gritty details; (trust me, they’re boring) but I will say this. When another company made Jason an offer, he took […]

Find Romantic Restaurants in Your Area


Ever wish you could find romantic restaurants in your area? Well, I’m not making any promises, but when 65 different bloggers each share their favorite romantic restaurants, there’s a good chance you will find something close to you. I shared my favorites in our area, and everyone else shared their faves as well. Whether you are planning a romantic Valentine’s date, or just like cozy non-chain restaurants you will love this list.  Whatever you decide to do for Valentines, you […]

Living Proverbs 31 #124

Living Proverbs 31

Welcome to a brand new week! Let’s start it off with a smile and a prayer of thanksgiving to the giver of life. My personal thanks is for loving family, a dear husband, and an adorable child who is rolling around on the floor right now; never mind the fact that he should’ve been in bed an hour and a half ago. Share your thanks in the comments below! Before we get to think link up, I would like to […]

Romantic Dining in Troy and Tipp City Ohio

Romantic dining in Troy and Tipp City Ohio. Seriously, these are some of THE best places to eat!

Just in time for Valentines day, a group of bloggers and I are sharing our hometown romantic places to eat. So if romantic dining in Troy and Tipp City Ohio doesn’t apply to you, here is a full list of Romantic Places to Eat. Jason and I don’t eat out a lot. I’m sure we eat out far more than some, and far less than others. Regardless, we like to eat at a nice restaurant about once a month. For […]

Soothing Oil for Dry Skin Recipe


Just a short post today. Kate and I were emailing back and forth about how hard winter is on our skin, and she shared what she does for her dry skin.  I asked her to write her soothing oil for dry skin recipe, so I could share it with you guys. Kate’s Soothing Oil for Dry Skin, Recipe: The winter has taken its toll on my skin! Are you suffering too? Dry, flaky, parchment paper-like skin? Yep, that’s typical for […]

A Woman’s Battle is Against Gossip

A man may struggle against porn, but a woman's battle is against gossip

Gossip. It could very easily be the woman’s besetting sin. Whereas men may struggle with keeping their thoughts pure, a woman’s battle is against gossip. A Woman’s Battle is Against Gossip I’m a talker. Anyone who knows me well at all, knows this. But more and more I’m realizing that all my talking may not always be good. In fact, many times my talking could be the very opposite of good. It didn’t use to bother me. In fact, for […]

Whole Wheat Muffin Mix Recipe

Muffins from scratch get a makeover! Use my whole wheat muffin mix recipe to make a dry mix that can be used to make muffins in a hurry!

I’m a cook/bake from scratch kind of gal. Mixes are quick and convenient, but most of them taste like they came from a box too. Since we love muffins, I set out to make a Whole Wheat Muffin Mix recipe. My muffin mix can be made up as plain muffins, or you can choose from several different add-ins. Yummy! Right? Whole Wheat Muffin Mix Recipe 8 cups whole wheat flour 3 cups raw cane sugar 3 tablespoons baking powder 2 […]

Living Proverbs 31 #122

Living Proverbs 31

Welcome Monday!!! Or not… If you aren’t excited for Monday, I understand. However, I try my best to make it a bit better for you by offering this linkup. I share features to encourage you, and invite you to share your encouraging posts as well. To start out, I’m offering you two great posts. From The Darling Downs Diaries, I found a post about… aprons! As an apron lover myself, I greatly enjoyed her post and totally got what she […]

Husband Love notes

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