Blessed at Home Giveaway!

Blessed Home

Hello friends and readers! In celebration of the release of our E-Book Set Apart, and also to remind you once again of the awesome Homemaking Bundle sale that is happening; The authors of Set Apart wanted to bring YOU a fabulous giveaway!!!! Remember, the Ultimate Homemaking Sale is only here for 6 days so let me encourage you to co check it out! I don’t want to stuff this in your face, but when you are offering a sale that […]

The Ultimate Library for Homemakers!


And it’s here!!! The big day we have all been waiting for! The bundle sale that I have been talking about, you know, the one worth $900 but selling for less than $30 is one sale now!!! And it’s only on sale for 6 days so check it out!!!! I’ve put the basic information here. But for those of you like me who would like to know more, I’ve posted a list of all the books and bonuses here. As […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Recipe ~Whole Wheat!!!

Best ever cinnamon raisin bagel recipe! Whole wheat, homemade and delicious!!!

I don’t know about you, but I love bagels. Cinnamon raisin to be exact and that’s why I am sharing my cinnamon raisin bagel recipe with you today! Bagels can seem like a lot of work, first mixing the dough, then letting it raise, beating it down, forming the bagels, boiling the bagels and finally baking them. Okay, so they aren’t as easy as making bread. But honestly? From start to finish (and I grind my own flour), not counting […]

My Healthy Home: Affordably Removing the Chemicals

My healthy home with #WalgreensOlogy and #CollectiveBias

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  The post My Healthy Home has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. #WalgreensOlogy I’m sure I have mentioned before about my chemical sensitivity and how I really try to keep things natural around here. For the most part, things like baking soda, essential oils and even coconut oil can really help me keep my home naturally clean.     There are […]

Living Proverbs 31 #85

Living Proverbs 31

Hello friends, did you have a nice weekend? We sure did! Beautiful weather and celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m always a little sad to see the weekend come to an end. Not because I hate Mondays or anything, but because weekends are when Jason and I get to work together on Saturday to get stuff done and then Sundays we go to church, rest, take walks and other stuff. It’s just “our […]

Too Good to be True?


Ever come across a deal that just seems too good to be true? I have, and usually if it seems too good to be true than it probably is! However, this isn’t one of those times! What if I told you that for 6 days only, you could get $850+ worth of homemaking resources for less than $30? You wouldn’t believe me I’m sure. But I AM telling you that! And it is true. I’ve checked it out and it’s […]

Fermented Cod Liver Oil ~ A Friend to Pregnant Ladies

Is fermented cod liver oil a friend to pregnant ladies? Where can you buy decent tasting cod liver oil?

I’ve taken an omega 3 supplement for a long time now. In fact, omega 3′s were what helped my hubby get off of his ADD medicine. However, I wondered if there was something better. In my mind, the more natural something is, the better. Processing often destroys what nature intended for good, and I knew how the fish oil found in omega 3′s are processed. Heating, steam, even chemicals sometimes make up this process; this destroys all of the nutrients […]

Celery Powder: How to Make Your Own and Why you should Use it

How to make your own celery powder and why you should be using this amazing spice in your food.

Celery Powder; one of the many seasonings I use very regularly. Onion, celery, and garlic powder, are all natural flavor enhancers that I use all the time. Since buying my dehydrator I have been having all sorts of fun with it. I was waiting until summer so I could start drying even more of our produce, when it occurred to me that I could dry some stuff right now! I was out of celery powder and since we don’t grow […]

Feminine and Modest ~ Confident Daughter of the King

Feminine and modest. Why modesty should actually be a sign of confidence in who you are.

A very common misconception of modesty is that a woman who dresses modestly is ashamed of her body. That couldn’t be farther than the truth, and today I want to talk about being confident, feminine and modest. Modesty is the act of decreasing self, and increasing God.  We are called to be daughters of the Most High King, and as such we should reflect him. When you think of a King, what comes to mind?  Here’s what I often think: […]

Why Have a Lilla Rose Party?

prominant dragon fly

Why have a Lilla Rose party? Well, today I would like to tell you why! A sweet blog reader here bought a Flexi Clip from me back in November. She later emailed me saying she loved it and would like to have a party in the future. The future ended up being last month. Now, I didn’t actually sign up with Lilla Rose to do parties, and since she was a few states away from me, helping her host a […]

How to Make Burlap Placemats Last Longer

Ever wondered how to make burlap placemats last longer? Use this simple trick to double (or triple) the life of your burlap!

Ya’ll remeber Jane right? Our awesome Mary and Martha consultant Jane is here shareing a fabulous trick with us. How to make burlap placemats last longer! If you have been eyeing the burlap placemats and table runner from Mary and Martha; but holding back because you knew your family would destry them in one meal. Well, you are not alone! Jane also wanted to use the burlap placemats but knew they wouldn’t last long with her littles. So she came […]

Special Announcement!!!


Our Mary and Martha consultant Jane Martin emailed me the other day with some exciting news. If you’ve been thinking about joining Mary and Martha, but felt like you couldn’t afford it, here is an offer you cannot miss out on! MARY & MARTHA ANOUNCEMENT! Wouldn’t you like to JOIN this new and growing company and share your FAITH and make a income?  Many parts of the US are WIDE OPEN with no consultants for Mary & Martha!  Be the […]

Old Jeans and Fabric Scraps Repurposing and Creating

Repurposing old jeans and fabric scraps to make a picnic blanket

Who has old jeans and fabric scraps lying around? You know, old jeans that are raggedy, worn out, or too small/big; and that ever growing pile of fabric scraps from other projects, or maybe just because you found a good sale on fabric. I don’t know about you, but I have both. It was time to clean out my crafting area. No more piles and stuff hiding more piles of stuff with no idea what all was in there. The […]

Living Proverbs 31 #83

Living Proverbs 31

Hello friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was fun and full. And with a full week ahead of me, what can I say? Other than I am so glad for the warmer weather that is finally happening!!!  In bloggy news I shared my 30 week prgnancy update, feel free to check it out if you haven’t already. On to the features! At Diamonds in the Rough I found their family’s top pics for movie night. There were […]

Meal Planning Made Simple!

Meal Planning Made Simple, an easy look at planning out daily meals.

Meal planning made simple, is that really possible? I’m a skeptic when it comes to meal planning. Honestly I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to any type of planning. Since it was part of the bundle sale that’s being offered right now, I thought I should at least read through the book even though I was convinced that Meal Planning just wasn’t for me. Turns out that Author Melissa Alink thought so too. Below is an intercept […]

What to do With Old Magazines

This is a great idea of what to do with old magazines! Keep what you want, toss what you don't!

Have you ever wondered what to do with old magazines? I mean there they are, on the shelf, in a basket, spilling off the coffee table, and when you went to the mail box today, there was another one to be added to the pile. We don’t get very many now, but we use too. I used to get cooking magazines, and better homes and gardens. Jason would get readers digest, outdoor life, hunting and fishing, handyman, and goodness know […]

30 Week Pregnancy Update!

30 week pregnancy update

Oh my goodness! I’m cannot hardly believe that I have reached the 30 week mark, or that there’s only 10 or so weeks left to go! Of course, that means time for a 30 week pregnancy update. I say about time though, this little one is very active and he/she likes to make my belly jump all over the place. Not too painful, but it really gets old after 15 minutes of it. I mean seriously, don’t he ever get […]

Healthy Whole Wheat Lemon Bars

Deliciously healthy whole wheat lemon bars recipe! The perfect, not-too-sweet, not-too-sour treat!

Who wants a recipe for healthy whole wheat lemon bars? I did! Problem is, I couldn’t find one.  I’m guessing it’s because lemons are so sour, that they need a good deal of sugar, and lots of sugar means not healthy.  So look as I might, all I found were great and yummy sounding recipes that called for highly processed flours and sugars. Drawing inspiration of off about 3 different recipes I made a batch. Meh… still to much sugar, […]

A Perfect Cleaning Schedule for Me!?!

Is there really a perfect cleaning schedule for me, or is this just another how-to that really doesn't help at all?

Is there really a perfect cleaning schedule for me? According to Christine, the author of Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule, there is a perfect cleaning schedule for me and for you. But mine isn’t yours. At the beginning of her book Christine points out why having a cleaning schedule is so important. Save you Money Increase Productivity Simplify Hospitality “By creating a customized cleaning schedule that fits your preferences, needs, and lifestyle, you are more likely to put the plan […]

Life Happens Sometimes ~Living Proverbs 31 Linkup

Living Proverbs 31

You never mean for it to happen, last you checked you had plenty of time, and honestly, why not? I mean you are super woman after all, and it would seem that you can do it all…. Oh? what? Yeah, that’s right, I’m not superwoman, and life happens…. My Point? The week has went by, it is now Friday afternoon, and I have nothing ready for Monday’s linkup post. I try to stay offline as much as possible on the […]


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