Line Drying Clothes Saves Money

My work schedule and the weather doesn't always allow it, but when possible our laundry is line dried. (Not the granny-panties or whitie-tighties but everything else!) Today I want to share¬†how line drying clothes saves money. How Line Drying Clothes Saves Money   Your dryer takes a … Continue reading

Food Storage Inventory Sheets

Living in a land of plenty, we are blessed. If I go hungry it's simply because I haven't taken the time to eat. Food shortage isn't an issue here. Food storage is. Because we live in a smaller home, I have to be very strategic and organized with my food storage technique. We buy most of our … Continue reading

How to be a Proverbs 31 Woman

Many women who come to my blog are searching for one thing. How to be a Proverbs 31 Woman. They've read, or heard read Proverbs 31 and are wondering if they can become a "super-woman" too. I'm afraid I may disappoint you ladies, but if you are looking for a checklist on how to be a proverbs … Continue reading