Living Proverbs 31 #111

Living Proverbs 31

Hello Monday! (early   So glad to see you all popping back for another Monday linkup party. Today’s features both have a bit of cleaning fun for you. First off comes a post from Cornerstone Confessions with 5 different cleaners you can make at home. Think, make your own cleaners = Saving money! Check it out here: 5 Homemade Cleaners to Use Everyday. Are you a soap maker? At Simple Life Mom there’s a tutorial for hot processing soap.  I […]

Natural Treatment for Cradle Cap

Use this natural treatment for cradle cap and "punch" those nasty flakes to the curb!

It’s the bane of any mommy’s existence. Especially if the baby has dark hair. I’m talking about that scaly, white flaky stuff that shows up on baby’s head. Cradle Cap. I wanted to share my natural treatment for cradle cap today. Little k ended up with it by 4 weeks and it took me awhile to figure out how to get rid of his cradle cap without those chemical laden baby shampoos. I may be wrong, and I would love […]

Don’t Let the Cold and Flu Stop You!!!

Don't let the cold and flu stop you! Here's how to be prepared!

Um yup, it’s that time again. Coughs and sneezes abounding. But, you don’t let the cold and flu stop you, nope, because you are being proactive and learning natural ways to avoid it! Today Kate is sharing how to tell the difference between the cold and the flu, and how to use one of my favorite oils to guard against them. I mix this blend into my EarthPaste toothpaste as well as swishing with it and a carrier oil twice […]

I get a Mini Massage each Evening!


Some women are blessed with hubbies who enjoy giving their wives massages. This girl not so much. If asked, he will cheerfully do it, but he doesn’t really have the right touch. It seems like no matter how hard he tries, my muscles just won’t properly relax. I was sent an Electronic Pulse Massager from SantaMedical to try out and well…. It’s like I get a mini massage each evening! The massager works by sending electric impulses to your muscles […]

Laugh at the Days to Come +linkup

She can laugh at the days to come. Where is this strength coming from?

Back at the beginning of this year, a group of wonderful ladies and I wrote a 4 week study guide on Proverbs 31.  We titled our book “Set Apart“. I’m sure many of you have heard it mentioned here, and I know lots of you already own it.  The authors and I agreed apon 5 posts that could be shared on our blogs so that you could get a better idea of what our book is like. I just realized […]

Dairy Free No-bake Chocolate Cookie Recipe

A dairy free no-bake cookie recipe. Simple and delicious chocolate without the dairy!

Besides cheese, chocolate is the biggest thing I miss since going dairy free. Of course I’m willing to give up dairy for my little man, but I don’t want to give up chocolate unless I have too. I decided to re-vamp a recipe of mine the other day and made dairy free no-bake chocolate cookies. Here’s a little bonus for you: They are also gluten free!!! These cookies are easy to make and will disappear in as much time as […]

15 Rewards Programs that Every Mom Should Know About

15 Rewards Programs that every mom should know about. Earn rewards on just about anything!

I have said it before and I will say it again. “I Love Rewards Programs!” Today I want to share 15 rewards programs that every mom should know about. I have used most of these for several years, some are newer to me but they are all great. 15 Rewards Programs Every Mom Should Know About: Slight disclaimer: due to the nature of this post, there are a couple referal links below. Swagbucks: Earn “bucks” just for surfing the web […]

Cozy Kitchen Makeover at Jane’s House

unnamed (12)

Recently I was talking with Jane (via Email that is) and she was telling me how she was planning on making a few simple changes to her kitchen.  The main change would be paint, curtains and wall decor. I asked her if she would share some before and after photos with us.  I love seeing how just a few changes can give a room a whole new look! So without further ado I give you, A Cozy Kitchen Makeover at […]

Living Proverbs 31 #109

Living Proverbs 31

Happy Monday friends! If you’ve got anything special you are thankful for, share it in the comments below! I for one and thankful for my unexpected 3 day weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to have a Friday at home with just me and the little guy. In case you missed it, there is a giveaway going on for a baby wrap. It’s the one I use all the time and I love it. I also did a quick video to show […]

Little k’s 3 Month Photo Shoot


Little k is 3.5 months already and I forgot to share the photos from his 3 month photo shoot. Oops Now, I’m more than a little predjudiced, and I see this cute little face every day. But something about seeing his sweet expressions frozen in time like this just melts my heart all to pieces! So, scroll down and enjoy the cuteness. Or just get ideas for your own 3 month photo shoot. My mom took these photos and we […]

Custom Holiday Photo Books and Insta-Books

Creating custom holiday photo books?? Blurb’s Book Making Boot Camp Makes It Easy! disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and I received some form of monetary compensation for writting it. It could be just me, but I think it’s much easier to learn how to do something by watching a video (even it is’s a short one). For instance, making your own custom book seems like it would be really complicated, but then you watch a video walking you through […]

Simple Lightweight Wrap for Babywearing +Giveaway!!!

babywearing on back

I’ve posted different photos on Instagram and Facebook of me babywearing. A lot of people have been curious about what I’m using, and asking where I got it. Sooooo, today I’m sharing my simple lightweight wrap for babywearing. Plus… I contacted the gal I bought mine from and she agreed to give one away!!! *Disclaimer… selfies and other people taking photos of me = less than par photographs. I apologize! For those of you who have happy contented babies, I’m […]

Ways that I am a Proverbs 31 Woman

Would you believe that there are many ways that I am a proverbs 31 woman?! Most likely you are too. Let's take a look :)

In one day I had ordered co-op with my mom, drove to the farmers market for potatoes and tomatoes, and drove to a bulk foods store for raw cane sugar and maple syrup.  My mom laughed and said I was being a proverbs 31 woman because I was “gathering my food from afar”. It made me smile and wonder how many other ways that I am being a Proverbs 31 woman without realizing it. I actually came up with quite […]

Rejoice with Those that Rejoice ~The Problem with Social Media

Black-and-white background for cinematic themes

Social media can feel like a competition, or a time suck, and there are a dozen good reasons to take a break from it or leave it all together. However, there is one common reason that I feel is a terrible reason. It goes something like this:  “I get on Facebook and see status updates on how well so-and-so’s kids are doing, photos of delicious food that some susie-homemaker made, and a picture of the bouquet a friend’s husband sent […]

Recipe for Pear Cobbler ~Simple and Delicious!

Simple and delicious recipe for pear cobbler. Can be made dairy free!

We’ve been enjoying fresh pears off the tree and I’ve been doing a bit of baking with them as well. So today I’m sharing my recipe for pear cobbler. It’s quick and easy to make with simple ingredients. Recipe for Pear Cobbler: 3 recipes pie dough 12 cups sliced pears 1 cup maple syrup scant 1 cup flour 1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 milk Make your pie dough and hold 1/3 back. Use the other 2/3’s […]

Make Healthy Choices. Get Rewarded!

How to turn miles walked into rewards for groceries and more! Make healthy choices and get rewarded! #balancerewards #shop

The shop Make healthy choices. Get rewarded has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BalanceRewards #CollectiveBias I don’t know about you, but when I set clear, defined health goals, I find it far easier to make healthy choices and reach my goals.  Walgreens is using their balance rewards program to help me do that. I don’t know about you, but making healthy choices has its own rewards for me. However, if a program […]

Living Proverbs 31 #107

Living Proverbs 31

  Hehe!!!  Actually, Monday’s aren’t that bad. I’m a nanny and really enjoy seeing the kids again after the weekend. All the same, I’m a bit sad to see the weekend end because Sundays are family days and I enjoy them. Alrighty then! Who ready for a new week? My goals for this week go as follows: catch up on sleep, continue figuring out what I can eat that doesn’t have dairy or large amounts of tomatoe products, and enjoy […]

How to Freeze Peppers ~Bell, Bananas and Hot

How to freeze peppers for recipes

I love peppers. Not raw, but in different dishes. Chillies, spaghetty, stir-fry and other dishes all get a dose of peppers. Bell peppers are my favorite, but bananas and the occassional hot pepper get added as well. Since it’s way to expensive to buy peppers in the winter, I thought I would share how to to freeze peppers today. Since I literally froze a bunch yesterday, I took photos just for you! (you’re welcome ) How to Freeze Peppers! I […]

Flu Season Essential Oils

onGaurd by doTerra

Hello dear readers! We have our essential oil lady Kate, here again. This time I’ve asked her to share more about the OnGaurd Protective blend, and how it contains your flu season essential oils. I bought that awhile back and really like it. I actually added it to my EarthPaste toothpaste and love the fresh clean taste it leaves in my mouth. I know there are no germs left after I brush!!! Before I turn this over to Kate, I […]

Speak No Evil ~Why do We Tear Each Other Down?

A challenge to speak no evil. To guard our thoughts and our lips so that nothing negative comes out.

Why is it that we as a culture and especially us women tear each other down? It’s like this huge contest of who is right and who is wrong. No more do we “prefer one another” it’s every man for himself; in thoughts, words, and actions. I want to challenge myself and you readers to “speak no evil”.   Remember the 3 monkeys? The ones that say “Hear no evil” “See no evil” and “Speak no evil”?  In this day […]