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Line Drying Clothes Saves Money


My work schedule and the weather doesn’t always allow it, but when possible our laundry is line dried. (Not the granny-panties or whitie-tighties but everything else!) Today I want to share how line drying clothes saves money. How Line Drying Clothes Saves Money   Your dryer takes a lot of electricity. An ehow article from 2010 states the average family spends 44 cents to $1.32 per load of laundry dried. Considering how the cost of electric has went up in the past […]

Food Storage Inventory Sheets


Living in a land of plenty, we are blessed. If I go hungry it’s simply because I haven’t taken the time to eat. Food shortage isn’t an issue here. Food storage is. Because we live in a smaller home, I have to be very strategic and organized with my food storage technique. We buy most of our meat from farmers during the winter, and summer-time finds me preserving all sorts of fruits and vegetables. This means stuff really gets piled into […]

How to be a Proverbs 31 Woman


Many women who come to my blog are searching for one thing. How to be a Proverbs 31 Woman. They’ve read, or heard read Proverbs 31 and are wondering if they can become a “super-woman” too. I’m afraid I may disappoint you ladies, but if you are looking for a checklist on how to be a proverbs 31 woman, you aren’t going to find it here. What you will find is that you are most likely A Proverbs 31 Woman […]

Fruits and Veggies are Great for Our Health

Fresh vegetables background

Fruits and Veggies are Great for Our Health! It is no secret that fruits and veggies are great for our health. But do you really know how important they are? Do you know all the great benefits they have for you just by eating the right amounts daily? Today I am going to share with you some great tips on the benefits of fruits and veggies and how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily diet. (I am […]

Why Babies Wear Necklaces – My Thoughts on Amber +Giveaway!


Disclaimer: Estany’s Flame provided some of the Baltic Amber jewelry mentioned in this post for free. All thoughts are my own. It’s a growing trend. All these babies and toddlers with necklaces. But is it just a fashion trend or something more? Today I’m talking about why babies wear necklaces, and why I wear one as well. Why Babies Wear Necklaces These necklaces are made with Baltic Amber which is a fossilized tree resin. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, an […]

Monday Encouragement Living Proverbs 31

Monday encouragement to start your week

Who’s ready to start a new week? No? How about a little Monday Encouragement? Just like I’ve realized that many times God is the author of my posts, I’m also learning that God writes a lot of blogs. The two posts I’m featuring both carry the same sentiment of God’s Love for us. Monday Encouragement Showered in Grace talks about letting your inner beauty shine. She compares the unique beauty of vintage jewelry to each on of us. A reminder […]

Make Your Own Printables ~ Bible Memorization Trick

glad and rejoice_001

If you’ve ever wanted a simple bible memorization trick, printed or written out verses placed around your house are the answer. Today I want to show you how easy it is to make your own printables. It’s best to choose graphics for this and not photos. Photos tend to take up far more ink and unless you have a professional printer, they never look as nice on paper as they do on your screen. I found all the graphics for […]

First Birthday Party Fun!


Ready for some first birthday party fun? I am now the momma of a one year old! Still a little hard to believe it’s been an entire year since little man first made his appearance. His birthday was Monday, but the celebration was on Sunday. We weren’t going to do a party since he will never remember it anyway. However we changed our minds and decided a party was most definitely the best way to celebrate a child turning 1. […]

11 Grilling Recipes You Must Try This Summer


11 Grilling Recipes You Must Try This Summer Grilling is the ultimate way to prepare food in the summer. There just isn’t any other flavor like a fresh grilled hamburger patty or chicken breast. But killer flavor isn’t the only reason to choose grilling. By grilling your food, you are essentially cooking outside and keeping your kitchen cool. Tired of boring plain hamburgers and hot dogs? Here are 11 Grilling Recipes you Must Try this Summer! Grilled Citrus Chicken Kabobs […]

Inspirational Women of the Old Testament

Here are three inspirational women of the old testament that you may want to meet. Be inspired by the barren, a wife, and a harlet.

The bible is filled with people. Characters who delight, and inspire, as well as those who repulse and disgust. Lately I’ve thought of those who inspire, especially inspirational women of the old testament. There are many women mentioned in the old testament. But some are especially inspiring to me as a woman today. 3 Inspirational Women of the Old Testament Hannah, the mother of Samuel. I’ve always loved Hannah’s story. Her husband loved her dearly but she couldn’t give him […]

Make a Tie Dye Tablecloth Shibori Style

How to make a tie dyed summer tablecloth with blues and greens.

I am sharing How to Make a Tie Dye Tablecloth thanks to BluePrint Social and Tulip® #TieDyeYourSummer I’ve always thought shibori style dying was beautiful. But the work involved to get the indigo dye correct wasn’t appealing to me. Until the day I realized I could use tie dye to create beautiful shibori dyed fabrics. Tie dye is incredibly simple to use (seriously, just add water!)- and can be done with minimal mess. Since a certain little man’s first birthday […]

Christian Historical Fiction Books for PreTeens


Summer has arrived!!! That means camping, swimming, baseball, riding, skating and so much more. But even kids can get tired of all the action and when that happens you want to be prepared. If you’ve been around here long at all, you know how much I love books and have probably even read some of my favorites. Today I’ve put together yet another reading list! Geared towards preteens, these books contain great stories with lots of action and adventure. I’ve […]

Grow These 5 Expensive Foods to Save Money


We all know that gardening is an excellent way to save money, while still feeding your family high quality foods. But what do you grow when you have room for just a few plants? If you wish to grow a garden and your lot is small, I feel your pain. We too have a small area for growing food, and it’s hard to decide which plants to grow. Over the past couple of years we’ve discovered which plants to grow […]

Living Proverbs 31 #141

Living Proverbs 31

Who’s ready for a new week!?! Okay, admittedly I’m not. Being a full-time working mom means that many chores pile up until the weekend. While Sundays are our kick back and chill, spend time with family day, Saturdays are so full and busy that a week of Sundays wouldn’t be enough chill time 😉 Oh well, all part of life. Speaking of life, there is a little boy around here who is nearly 1! Party plans are under-way and you […]

Baked Potato Peels ~ Eat Your Veggie Skins!


The beauty in buying organic potatoes is the ability to use the entire potato without wasting even the smallest amount of skin. Most of the time I simply scrub the potato well and use it as is. However, I don’t want peels in my mashed potatoes so I make baked potato peels! It is incredibly easy to make baked potato peels and is a great way to use the peels instead of tossing them. Hey, when I’m paying for organic […]

5 Reasons to Always Carry Lavender EO


If there is one oil that I wouldn’t like to be without, it would be lavender. For some reason, bee stings always made my little brother sick. As in puking for hours sick. Last summer we went camping and my brother got stung. Imagine the horror when we realized we didn’t have his other medicine. My sister remembered reading something about lavender oil and happened to have some, so we applied it “neat” to the sting and there was no […]

Blogger Confession~ The Truth Behind This Blog


I have s blogger confession. There are many times here on the blog that I hit the publish button and it’s very clear that the writer is not me. Today I want to share with you the truth behind this blog. Blogger Confession Time I’m not always the writer here. Oh, it’s my fingers poking buttons, but I’m only writing what God is giving me. So many times I’ve hit publish and felt like a total failure for a number […]

Make Veggie Stock | Don’t Toss Those Scraps!

How to make your own veggie stock for almost free!

Ever buy veggies and realized you were tossing half of your money’s worth while prepping them? A CSA box is a very good example. The stems and outer leaves keep your veggies the freshest, but are they really good for nothing but compost after eating the actual veggies? Don’t toss those scraps, make veggie stock! A quart of veggie stock will cost you around $2, or you can make your own for almost free. Which would you prefer? To make […]

Guilt Free Chocolate Strawberry Desert Crepes

Guilt Free Chocolate Strawberry Desert Crepes

Disclaimer: I received free supplies to make my guilt free chocolate strawberry desert crepes thanks to NuNaturals. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   Crepes. A French style pancake that is extremely versatile. From savory to sweet, crepes are my newest obsession. When Ron from NuNaturals emailed me with an offer to try/review their newest non-bitter stevia products I knew exactly what I was going to do. Today I give you a recipe for Guilt Free Chocolate Strawberry Desert […]

We are Not Immune to Sin

We are not immune to sin.

I typically stay away from controversial subjects, the Duggar issue included. But there are thoughts burning in my heart that I can no longer stay quiet about. The devil is having a heyday right now, he has exposed skeletons, turned Christians on each other and proven once again that we are all fallen, sin-prone beings. Even though we are saved, and live in the spirit, our spirit dwells in a very human body. And that, brings me to this: My […]