Blood Clot Treatment for Flesh Wounds

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Okay, so not maybe the prettiest thing to think about; but little ones, especially little boys are good at getting all sorts of cuts and boo-boos. I know with a little boy in our house that the future is likely to be filled with boo-boos and blood.

If you are squeamish, now is the time to click away. Maybe you would enjoy a funny post where I share a poem about homeschooling instead.  If you are not squeamish keep reading. It’s possible this info could save you many after hours visits and save your little one from stitches.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor licensed to give any sort of medical advice. I am only sharing what has worked for us. Please use common sense. Head wounds bleed a lot but are rarely that deep, your bigest concern should be concussions. Other cuts could be deeper and much more serious. Always consult your doctor if you are in doubt.

This amazing spice provides great blood clot treatment for flesh wounds, and can do so many other things as well!

Blood Clot Treatment for Flesh Wounds:

Ever cut yourself with a knife and the blood starts spurting? Or maybe a little one fell and split his head open? Growing up, one of my brothers ended up in the after hours at least once a summer. The most common accurance was a head wound.

We all know that head wounds bleed a lot and look nasty, but for the most part they aren’t all that bad. However, they are bloody and gaping open leaving you with no seeming choice but to go to the ER for stitches.

For several years that’s what would happen with that particular brother. Head wound = ER for stitches.

I don’t know how my mother stumbled across this trick, but she did and we have all used it at one point or another. It started with her (I think).  She had cut her thumb badly and it was bleeding a lot. Using pressure she slowed the bleeding some and sprinkled red pepper (cayenne) on the cut.

Strangely enough it not only stopped the bleeding completely, but it also clotted the blood. Afterwards she goes into the doctor’s office thinking she would need to have stitches because it was such a deep cut. The doctor looks at her thumb with the red pepper clotted scab and begins to slowly rub it off.

He kept rubbing and small pieces would come off, but for the most part, there was still a hard scab protecting the cut. Finally the doctor stops and says that mother didn’t need stitches. She had an awesome protector over the cut and he didn’t need to do anything.

Interestingly enough, that nasty cut healed perfectly and left no scar or sign of trauma to the skin at all. So, the next time my rough and tumble brother cut his head, mother cleaned the wound and sprinkled red pepper on it. Same result; hard scab, great healing time, and no scar.

I’ve used that same blood clot treatment for times where I’ve had a cut that just kept bleeding and the result is amazing.

I sprinkled the pepper over the bleeding wound and sometimes the blood would be coming too fast to stop right away so I would keep sprinkling and patting it into the wound until it stopped completely. Then I would lightly brush away the excess and cover with a dry bandage.

Does the red pepper sting in the wound? Yes it stings a little if there is no blood flowing, but if the blood is flowing, chances are you won’t feel a thing.

So next time you have a cut, (use common sense of course) but consider saving yourself a doctor visit and try using red pepper as a blood clot treatment for flesh wounds.


Have you ever heard of this trick? Have you tried it?  Check out the video below for more awesome info about cayenne pepper being used for blood clot treatment, stopping heart attacts and more!

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  1. We had a boy get a nasty gash on his forehead, just above his eye, around the first of June. It was a holiday, so there was no medical help closer than an hour and a half drive away, so I decided to try something I’ve heard about before. After we stopped the bleeding with pressure, with a cold wet washcloth, I superglued it together! It held well, until about three days later when he was climbing a tree again and fell, banging the same spot. I cleaned it out, glued it again, and it was fine. The next day, there was a bit of evidence of infection in the spot, so I put a mallow poultice on and that cleared up quickly. He does have a bit of a scar, and probably always will be, but it healed well with no stitches.

    • Super glue does work! We had to use it once in an emergency, generally though we wouldn’ve have because of the chemicals in super glue. Awesome too that you knew what to do about the infection :)

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