Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day ~Love Language Version

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Financially, with hubby being laid off for 6 weeks, Jan and Feb are the worst months for us. But that don’t mean we don’t do valentines. So what are some cheap ways to celebrate Valentines day?

Let’s consider love languages. If you haven’t read the book The 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend it. Today I’m going to share cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s day, for each love language.

Cheap Ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day ~Love Language version.

Touch. If your man’s love language is touch, then this is a simple one. Light some candles, set out oils and lotion and then proceed to give him a full pampering session. Gently rub his scalp, massage his back and rub his feet. And of course, don’t forget the grand finale!

If words of affirmation melt your man’s heart, the start the day off with a love note in his lunch box, or send him a text at lunchtime. Write him a love letter and serve it up with dinner. Or, make one of these little books.

Does he love to Spend Time with you? Rent a movie and watch it with him. Put together a puzzle. Go to a museum. Take a walk together, if there is snow on the ground, tossing a bit of it about will add to the fun. Or, just sit together and talk, or don’t talk. Time is hubby’s love language and sometimes he is quite content when I sit next to him with my book and absently play with his hair.

Couple Walking in the Rain

 Do Acts of Service warm his heart towards you? Organize his sock drawer, make sure the house looks nice for his return.  Meet him at the door and offer to take his coat/lunch box etc.  Fix his favorite meal and be sure to serve it wearing a cute apron. Other clothes, optional. 😉

Are Gifts really his thing? You don’t have to spend a lot. Make him a card to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. Put a box/bar of his favorite candy, with it. One of those 52 Things books would be great too.

Don’t know what your man’s love language is? You can hit them all. Text him at lunch and tell him how much you love him. Make him a card and list at least 10 things you love about him in it. Make his favorite desert for supper. And later spend time together and give him a nice massage.

Now, the thing about Valentines… Is it really necessary to go all out on one day of the year to show him how much you love him? Naw. Really, it can put a lot of expectations on both of you that really isn’t healthy for any relationship.  Besides, if you have kids, how easy would it be to do much of what I’ve mentioned here?

The point is, you can do any of this stuff any time. But, if you are the couple who likes to do something on Valentines, these are some cheap ways to celebrate valentine’s day together.


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  1. cute post. One year I made Matt a giant card with posterboard where I wrote a list of 101 things I loved about him. After awhile it got a bit tricky (I think 52 would have been easier!). So which one of these are you doing for hubby this year? :) I need to think more about what I am going to do. I know I am making him a dessert, I just have to figure out what to make or give as a gift.

  2. We will celebrate a couple days early since Tuesday is “eat out” night and it’s my week to eat out with hubby. (the boys and I take turns spending the evening with him once a week) I’ve thought about seeing if they will let me have the night off and I can fix a home cooked meal for all 3 of them. 😉

  3. that’s strange it linked my comment to a recent comment I made instead of my recent blog post. This one has the correct recent blog post. LOL!

  4. Great ideas, Kendra! My husband and I will be apart for the first Valentine’s Day since we met in 1995. He is going down to Texas to help his mother out with her husband, a disabled Vietnam veteran who is having an operation next week. But I’m going to pack some surprises in his suitcase! 😉

  5. Oh i love all of these ideas!! your side comments make me laugh kendra! lol I am exchanging valentine’s with my guy best friend and i just copied some of my fave quotes, ok 17 of them onto index cards in blues/greens and did little doodle and tied them with twine! :)

  6. I love this post Kendra! So fun. :) You are so right, sometimes just remembering our hubs love language and fulfilling it in small ways is the best gift. We love that book and learned a lot! 😀 I actually think it’s time for us to read it again,

  7. These are fantastic ideas!! Thanks for writing this! :)

  8. Kendra,
    Thanks for the good ideas. My hubby’s love language is words of affirmation, so I’m going to scatter post it notes all over the house telling him all the things I love about him. Thanks for the challenge — Lori

  9. These are great ideas! Ever since we’ve been together we have done the notes in the lunch bag thing. Its nice to get a little reminder when you least expect it. :-)

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

  10. We had a dinner at Church last night, the youth served all of us adults dinner :)

  11. I had troubles with the link up and it crashed and can you please come back and link up again? So sorry about this.

  12. You are right on! I love the ideas!

  13. Love these ideas! We are usually focused on the kiddo…but it’s nice to have the day to also focus on each other! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  14. What great ideas! I’ve never read the book but it looks good, so I’ll have to try it. :-)

  15. Really great ideas and tips! We need to remember that everyday should be Valentine’s day!

    • Absolutely! And to be honest, you can do any of these whenever. After all, none are that hard and few cost anything. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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