Epsom Salt Detox baths vs Real Salt Detox baths. Pregnancy Safe?

I’m sure many of you have heard of Epsom salt detox baths. Yes? How about Real Salt detox baths?

Both are said to be effective in drawing out toxins from your body and helping to replenish the magnesium in your body, but which one is better? I’ll leave the conclusion up to you. :)  Keep reading for information on pregnancy detox baths.

Find out which detox baths are better: Epsom Salt Detox Baths or Real Salt Detox Baths

Epsom Salt Detox Baths:

Epsom salt is magnesium chloride.  When taking an Epsom salt detox bath, you draw your bath water as hot as you can stand it, and you sink in it up to your neck. Recommended usage is 2 cups per bath and a 30 minute soak. The heat will open your pores and cause you to sweat. One of the best ways to release toxins, is through your largest organ (skin) by sweating. The open pores will allow your body to absorb the magnesium.

Why do you need magnesium? Calcium needs magnesium to properly work, but just taking a magnesium supplement doesn’t always work very well, because your digestive system doesn’t absorb it. Rather, taking magnesium orally can cause loose bowels as your body dumps it. Topically is one of the best ways to absorb magnesium. For more reading on this subject, check out this post at Creative Christian Mamma.

So, a hot soak in an Epsom Salt bath helps your body release toxins and absorb magnesium. A brief run-down of ways this can help you.

  • Ease stress and relaxes the body
  • Relieves pain and muscle cramps
  • Helps muscles and nerves to function properly
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • Improve oxygen use
  • Flush toxins
  • Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Help prevent or ease migraine headaches
  • source

It all sounds good on paper, but here is my personal experience: Very relaxing and calming just like a regular bath, but no noticeable difference in how I feel. (my mother didn’t notice a difference either)

Real Salt Detox Baths:

A Real Salt detox bath works very much the same way as an Epsom salt detox bath. You use 1-2 cups of salt and sink to your chin in hot water. Again the salt aids in detoxing your largest organ. But here is where things are different. Real Salt bath salts contain over 60 trace minerals, which include magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc to name a few.

So, not only are you releasing toxins, you also are giving your body a much needed, revitalizing vitamin water drink.

A brief run-down of the benefits of Real Salt detox baths:

  • Soothing Stiff, Sore & Aching Muscles
  • Detoxification & Cleansing
  • Improving Circulation
  • Promoting Sound, Restful Sleep
  • Remineralizing the Body
  • source

That list isn’t so impressive as the one above, but here is my personal experience:  Again, very relaxing and calming, but I also sleep much better afterwards. I have found myself with much more energy the next day (thanks vitamin water!) and it’s the perfect tonic for achy muscles.  My mother loves it, as do the kids that still live at home. One of the older brothers will often stop by mom’s house to get some from her as well. :)

I’ll let you make the decision for yourself one which is better. Epsom salts is much cheaper, but if it don’t work….

Detox baths and pregnancy:

Are Epsom salt detox baths or Real Salt detox baths safe during pregnancy?

I tend to err on the side of caution, but I have been taking Real Salt detox baths while pregnant. There are a few things that need to be changed though.

#1 Cool off your water, the temp should reach no more than 100 degrees. I’ve actually noticed that I cannot even have it that hot. So pay attention to your body, if you start to feel nauseous or light headed, let the water out and that will help cool you off, and then carefully get out of the tub.

#2 Reduce your water level. I wear a shirt to help keep my top warm and I do not let the water get higher than my belly button. All the same, over half of me is immersed and the detoxing/mineral-water-drink can still happen.

#3 Reduce your salts by half. While most of the toxins that are released from your skin goes directly into the water, a small amount can be released into the blood stream. Using a lesser amount of salt means less detoxing, but the warm water will still open your pores and allow the minerals to replenish your body.

As far as Epsom salts go, I haven’t been using them, but I would expect them to be okay. As always, be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider before doing anything different while pregnant.

Other tips for detox baths:

If you do not own a water filter system, consider adding a cup of baking soda to your water before you add the salts. This can help neutralize the chemicals that are in your water.

Use a loofah and dry brush your skin before getting, this helps shed old dry skin and aids in quicker dumping of toxins and absorbing of minerals.

Don’t eat for an hour before or after, but push as much cool refreshing water as you can. This will help flush out toxins that may have been released into the blood stream.

Consider turning your bath into a spa experience by adding essential oils. Lemon, helichrysum, geranium and rosemary all aid in detoxification (if you are pregnant avoid rosemary). To learn more about each of those oils, and how they detoxify, check out this page here.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed health care professional, I simple share what I have learned and what my experiences are. If in doubt of anything, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider. A Proverbs 31 Wife is not liable for any actions taken due to reading this post.

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  1. When I was pregnant, I loved taking epsom salt baths. I was pretty deficient in magnesium and could tell when I needed one. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  2. Good info! I enjoy epsom salt bathes and foot soaks. I especially like the treat of the lavender infused salts. Very pleasing!

  3. Great article. I especially like the tips at the end.

  4. Haha Kendra! I had read about the benefits of Epsom salt baths early on in pregnancy and so had hubby pick me up some this week and was just googling to refresh my mind about it and lo and behold you pop up in my Google search results! Now I don’t have a bath tub so I am just going to do a foot bath but in America I grew up taking Epsom salt baths whenever my muscles ached and it always worked wonders.

  5. Real Salt? As in kosher or sea salt?

    • Real Salt is the brand actually. I’m pretty sure I linked to it in my post somewhere.
      Real Salt contains trace minerals not found in any other salt, due to the fact that it isn’t refined at all.


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