Fix your Marriage or Take Care of It?

Is it easier to fix your marriage, or take care of it to prevent the need to fix?

When we bought our house it was newly remodeled for us. But we bought it with the understanding that we would still need to maintain it. We knew that walls would get marked up and the carpets would get dirty. We knew that the AC would need cleaned in the fall, and that pipes and wiring would need an occasional check up. We knew that we would have to take care of it.

What would happen if we didn’t? Winter would come and pipes could freeze, the hot summer would come and our failure to care for the AC last fall could mean we would lose our cool. (pardon the pun) In time, if we don’t care for the roof, it would begin to leak.

If we didn’t take care of our house, eventually, it would no longer take care of us.

The same thing goes for your marriage; if you do not take care of your marriage, you will have to fix your marriage, and trust me, it’s far easier to take care of, than it is to fix.

If you maintain your marriage now, you prevent the need to fix your marriage later. Great tips on maintaining a marriage!

What are some ways to care for your marriage?

  • Be aware of your spouse
  • Find out their love language and work on keeping their “love tank” full
  • Just spend together time with your spouse
  • Have fun together
  • If date nights aren’t your “thing” find something that is
  • Read, find Godly books that will encourage you in your marriage (here is a list for the ladies)
  • Leave each other love notes
  • Send funny loving texts or emails during the day
  • Backrubs
  • Snuggles
  • Proper communication

All of those things require one thing: That you stay in touch with each other. Are there hobbies and tv shows that separate you? Do you keep your life so filled with places to go and things to do, that you no longer know who you are married to?

Marriage is work, it is commitment, it is the waking up daily with a purpose to have a relationship with your spouse.

So stay connected and maintain your marriage to avoid the need to fix your marriage later on.

Has your marriage been neglected to the point that you need to fix your marriage? I’m not the expert on this, but here is a bit of encouragement. I know very well of a couple who had been married close to 20 years, but the marriage had been neglected and the husband left. I saw the prayers and the faith of a Godly wife bring them back together.

I do not believe it is ever too late to fix a marriage, and with God, all things are possible. But I know that the longer you neglect your marriage, the harder you will need to work to rebuild it.

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  1. This post was a much-needed one this evening. Thank you, Kendra!

  2. I’ve discovered your blog thanks to snow that cancelled church and gave me a rare Sunday night at home. I’ll definitely be visiting more often. And thank you for the opportunity to link up!

  3. Thanks for the great insight. It truly is much easier to keep a marriage maintained than to fix a broken down one. Thanks also for hosting, Kendra!

  4. Continual, diligent maintenance! Oh, yes! Not just one-sided either! Thank you for hosting:) Wishing you sweet blessings this week!

  5. Awesome post! Thank you!!

    Thanks for hosting…great hop, as always~

  6. Very true Kay, what we truly take care of hardly requires a fix. I know how easy it can be to go on in this fast time without stopping to intentionally mind your marriage. God help us all as we wisely build our homes.
    These great tips you shared here will be very helpful. thanks a lot for hosting, have a super blessed week!

  7. Hi, wonderful and useful tips. I definitely want to maintain my marriage and agree communication and simple snuggles are great starting points.

  8. I love the honesty in your post.
    My marriage is a gift. And as I would take care of anything I treasure… I should put a zillion times more care into my marriage.
    I keep reading posts about the same thing. Me thinks our Lord is speaking directly to me!
    We have a great marriage, but there is room for better care.


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