Frozen the Movie: Or How Disney Pleasantly Surprised me

Growing up, my mother didn’t let us watch Disney movies. The princess ones especially didn’t come into our house, not even the story books.  Most of those movies have hidden messages that she didn’t feel we needed to hear.

Consider how Arial defied her father and he paid the price, or all the innuendos of Tangled, how about the straight-up witchcraft of the Princess and the Frog? They all have little messages, most of them okay at best, but none of them good.

The movie Frozen really surprised me with it's focus on family instead of just romance.

I recently watched Frozen with one of the kids I babysit and found myself totally surprised.  This is actually one Disney Princess movie I would like to buy on DVD. After watching it, there can be a really good discussion with the kids on the message found in that movie.

The oldest sister Elsa was born with a curse, there is a storm that rages inside her, and she turns things to snow and ice. Little sister Anna adores her big sister and cannot understand why Elsa began to shut her out after an accident where she nearly killed her little sister by ice.

After years of hiding her secret and trying not to feel anything, trying not to let the storm inside out where others can see it, it happens.  The whole village knows her secret and Elsa runs away. Alone in the forest, Elsa releases the storm inside and thinks she is far away from every-one, she can be herself and stop trying to control the storm. She thinks that away from every one, she will no longer hurt those she loves.

But she does hurt those she loves. Her sister wants her home, her sister still believes she is good and sets out to find her.  In trying to find Elsa and bring her home, an accident happens where Anna’s heart is turned to ice, and only an act of true love will thaw her heart. If her heart is not thawed soon, Anna will die.

In seeking her true love for true love’s kiss (isn’t that what will thaw her heart?); Anna throws herself in front of the sword that would kill her sister, just as her frozen heart freezes completely and she turns to ice.  Dramatic scene here where the true love comes up too late, and Elsa drapes herself across her ice sister in tears.

But that act of true love performed by Anna in giving her life for her sister, thaws her own heart. And Elsa realizes that Love only was able to control the storm within her.

I was stunned after the movie ended. Did Disney realize how well they portrayed the basic gospel of Christ?

You and I are Elsa, we are cursed, we have a storm that rages inside of us. Try as we might, that storm cannot be controlled and we hurt those we love most.

Anna too represents us, with our frozen hearts. However she also represents Christ. She, like him gave her life for one she loved. Once we can see and accept the true love that Christ offers us, we realize that our frozen hearts are thawed, and love conquers the storm in us.

Frozen did contain the typical love story that you find in the princess movies, but it was not the focus of the movie, the focus really was on what true love is. Being able to give up one’s desires for the good of another. In fact besides Anna’s sacrifice, there was another example of true love. But I don’t want to totally spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Have you ever been surprised by Disney like that?

This post wasn’t sponsored by Disney, I’m simply sharing because I felt this to be a great movie for kids and a conversation starter for the gospel message.

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Respectful opinions are always welcome

  1. We love this movie! My husband and I agree that there is a very good message about fear and love.This allows us to talk to our daughter about how God didn’t give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. Thanks for the post!

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for that review. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan too. Always love when there is a positive message that we can share with our children.

  3. As I agree there was a lesson with the story of loving others enough to not want to hurt them, I was and am always disappointed in Disney for their negative language like “shut up”, and “stupid” being used as well as the need to have such drama, and devastation portrayed to the young ages that Disney intends to target. The opening seen still haunts my 4 and 6 yr old kids with how the parents died on a stormy ship wreck and how the girls were alone in the big castle raising themselves. The movie covers up a lot of the sadness and drama with uplifting music and dance – which we loved, however depending on the child there is the moments of rude, negative language and death and even a few hurting scenes of pushing and even pushing the bad guy overboard. All in all good movie, lots of singing and dancing, and some positive and negative points through out.
    I am always in hopes of a movie that doesn’t feel the need to put real life big kid, adult troubles and drama into cartoon form and call it G, or PG. Kids grow up way to fast and have to deal with enough drama, deaths and crime in due time, let them be kids and grasp the moments of fun, safe and loving life while they can. Keep it G and PG . The young ones pick up on rude language at a young age, and once in school they hear things that we may not want them to repeat, I think family movies for kids should not call others names, should not say stupid, shut up, or hurt others. Disney is famous for using “idiot” and “stupid” for name calling.
    My son learned the word Idiot from toy story….

    • Yes, I am not found of Disney for those reasons… Honestly I loved this movie and would/will let me own kids watch it, there are very few that I would recommend. The older Disney movies that are not animated are the ones I prefer for sure.

  4. I have heard several reviews of Frozen, all generally positive, but have not yet seen the movie.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this movie. I started watching it last night, and plan to finish it today.
    May I invite you to visit me here
    Blessings :-)

  6. I loved Frozen. I loved the music. I loved the artwork. I loved the fact that there was a queen rather than princesses (although those were there, too). I loved that the women were STRONG. I loved that the family bond between Anna and Elsa was STRONG despite what life threw at them. I just loved the whole thing. Easily the best Disney movie that has been churned out in a long, long time.

  7. I am late to this post, but I had to read it because I just posted on the film myself! (It should be linked below via CommentLuv, but just for reference, the post is here:
    I loved the film and still had cringing moments. I took my 3-year old to see it and had to explain a few things. Plus the very immodest sexy dress in the end had my eyes popping out, lols.
    I’ve already pre-ordered it on DVD and we listen to the soundtrack regularly.

    • I love the parenting lessons you pulled out of this movie! I also watched it with a 3 year old and she actually sat through the entire thing and was glued! lol. She too loves the soundtrack and is crazy about the Let it Go song.

  8. I have yet to see it. Some love it and some are hating it. The thing that really catches my attention is the song “Let it go” Little girls are going about belting out the lyrics of this song. It makes me sad. I am trying to teach my girls to be good always, and to let that shine through. I want them to be true in all things. This song seems to go against what I am trying to teach my girls. when this song talks about “I can’t keep being the good girl everyone expects me to be.”It is not the message I want for my girls. I want them to become good and not just be good to please me. There is a difference.

    It is the following lyrics that scare me. “It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free!” This is not what I want my girls to fill their heads with. I want my girls to live by God’s rules and be good Christians. They go about singing often, but I want them to sing catchy little songs with a good message. I am the music leader for the children in our church and I love the little songs we sing. The children catch onto songs so quickly. These are the songs I want them to have in their brains.
    Overall it might be a great movie with a great message, but this little message in this little song is enough for me to be on guard. I have heard tons of accolades for it and you can all choose for yourselves but I don’t know that I will be watching right away, but I can be aware and when my children do see it we can talk about it and what it means for them. Thanks for your insight as to this movie.

    • I see your concern, and it’s possible that a child wouldn’t understand the true message of that sang. The princess really has a gift, but after the accident where she nearly kills her sister, her parents teach her to view it as a curse. To always hide who she really is. She is scared, and fear controls her, and her gift does turn into a curse, until she runs away and tries to be herself on her own…. It’s kinda hard to explain it all in just a few words.
      As well, she learns, that she does need rules. Just “letting go” didn’t work in the end. Love had to be her rule.
      Of course, for a child to truly understand the message in the movie, a parents needs to talk it over with them. That’s why I felt this movie was such a great conversation starter on fear and the gospel of Christ.

  9. Heidi Riley says:

    Hi Kendra! I enjoy popping into your blog & being inspired. : )) I have not actually watched Frozen myself, but I was curious if you have heard or noticed the “homosexual” undertones? I’ve seen quite a few articles about the movie (you can google it) , where people said it completely describes how a homo/trans/bi sexual person feels (as Elsa) & how their family/ the public misunderstand them or mistreat them (Anna & her parents). They articles describe the song “Let It Go” & the freedom they feel when they finally “come out”, “be themselves”. I realize this is a controversial topic, but I wonder if it could send wrong messages to our children. Food for thought… Bless you. : ))

    • I guess every one sees things differently. :)
      The song is Elsa “rebelling” if you please about what she has been told all of her life. She’s going to use the “gift/curse” that she has and stop trying to hold it in.
      Watching through the rest of the movie, we learn that it still didn’t work. She couldn’t control her “gift” and even letting go and leaving, still hurt those she loved. Only real love could help her control herself.
      Which is pretty true in our lives, only by accepting the love of God and his sacrifice for us can we really learn how to control our human urges.
      LOL, there I go again, anyway, some people could look at it like that, but if they watch to the end of the movie it would seem they should see that “letting go” never really helped her either.
      Thanks for you input though, I certainly hadn’t heard that side before!

  10. It’s July now, as I leave this comment. After rescently reading this review you did on the movie Frozen, telling my beloved husband your take on it and reading it aloud to our two growing blessings, my earthly best friend – my husband – and I decided to pre-watch this movie. I really enjoyed it as well. Thank you so much for sharing your take on it as I had not heard it before. We have talked about magic and sorcery with our children in so far as magic done by others could be a trick of the eye or scorcery is of the devil so we ought not play in or with it, they are now nine and seven. With this in mind and the talking through of how this movie shows us a smidge of the way Jesus showed His love for us when He gave His life for us. We have decided to watch it together as a family. Thank you for making the time to share your take on this movie. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    p.s. I have linked to this post in my blog so others can read your well thought out words on this particular movie. Thank you again. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more! – My Frozen Experience – is the title of this post

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