Making a Log Planter for Flowers

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You know it’s summer when flowers and gardening take over the blog.  Like this post, making a log planter for flowers.

Making a log planter for flowers.

Back in March I found and shared this photo on Facebook. I loved the idea and wanted Jason to help me make one.

The response from every-one was overwhelming, and I was asked to share photos if I ever made one. Well it took several months but I now have a log planter in my back yard!

I found a log that was about a foot in diameter and 45″ long.  We stripped all the bark off and then Jason set to hollowing out the center. Due to memory card problems on my camera at the time, I lost the first photos I took.

Yes, I laid on the ground taking photos of my hubby showing off his skills with the ax! How about them wood chips?

Making a log planter for flowers

Making a log planter takes a bit of work  but the results are amazing!

I didn’t watch the whole time, but I know that he used a chainsaw to make the defining cuts for the sides and edges and then used the ax to hollow it out. If you look at the photo below, you can also see where he used the chainsaw to cut smaller sections in the area to be hollowed out.

Making a log planter. Use a chainsaw and ax to hollow out an old log

Ivy leaf geraniums were on sale, so I bought them to fill the log with.

Ivy leaf geraniums to plant inside a log planter

Ready to plant:

Making a log planter step 3

And planted!

Making a log planter from a hollowed out log.

I love how my log planter turned out! And now that our patio is all finished it just looks amazing out there. So, who wants to come for a cookout this summer? Hopefully we will have at least one….

If you are wondering what plants would be good for your log planter, visit and enter your zip-code. This will pull up the plants that grow best in your area with all of the info on each plant’s needs.

FAQ about Making a Log Planter:

Q. How long will it last?
A. This is the 3rd summer I’ve had it and the underside is beginning to show a little rot, but still very solid and I expect to get another 3 years at least out of it.

Q. Does the log hold water?
A. Not very well. We have to water it every other day in the summer.

Q. What tree makes the best log planter?
A. The harder your wood, the longer it will last. However, hard wood is difficult to cut. We used Maple which isn’t as soft as pine nor hard as oak. It seems about perfect for this.

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  1. Love that log planter! And, I would love to “drop by” (all the way from Canada) for a cookout with you guys! By the way, I got the thank you card in the mail from you, this past week, for placing my order for my Lilla Rose barrette! That was so sweet of you! And the barrette is so INCREDIBLY comfortable!!! I have to say, I see treating myself to another barrette in the near future…

    • I knew you would love Lilla Rose :) And how fun would it be if you did “drop in” 😉 I’ve been able to meet a few other bloggers in person, and it is so much fun!

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  5. Now to find a log. I’ve got a willing husband and he has an ax. And since I love to lay in the grass, I wouldn’t mind a bit getting down there to snap some photos of my hunk in action! Thanks so much for the photo tutorial…I’ll let you know if I manage to get one made! Thanks for linking up also!

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  7. This is such a great idea! I love natural wood elements and the geraniums were the perfect choice to fill your log planter. Hmmm, the next time I see a stump on someone’s curb I need to snatch it up! :) I do a little round up of great projects on Fridays..hope you don’t mind if I include yours tomorrow!

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  18. We have a tree stump in our back yard. It’s about 5′ tall and takes two people to reach around it. I think I will try this on that tree stump. Maybe a “bowl” in the top and a couple of rings around it. We really miss our great big shade tree. But this would be something pretty to do with what’s left. Thank you for the great idea!

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  20. I love these log planters! Very pretty. I would love to try it. Do you think a “strong” women could do the ax portion. I indeed have a “hunk” ….same one for over 30 yrs. but I fear his health would not be up to it. Would it be difficult for myself? Thank you for your answer.

    • I consider myself a girl-whimp, but I could’ve done it if I had too. However, it will depend on the wood you are using as well. Ours was really soft, but some of those harder trees wouldn’t be easy to do.
      So yes, I’m sure a “strong woman” could handle it. I could’ve done it, but I wouldn’t have done the chainsaw part, I’ve always been a bit scared of them after my dad nearly took off his knee.

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