Mary and Martha Living (Formerly Blessings Unlimited)

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Announcing that Blessings Unlimited has changed its name to Mary and Martha living!

My friend Jane, is here today to tell you all about this name change. :)

Mary and Martha LivingWhy the name change?

Our Motto:
Meaningful Entertaining… Made Simple.

Our Mission:
To use our products to stage inviting experiences for women in their homes, so they can live in the AND combining faith and work…loving God and loving on others!


What is the same?
We are still focused on providing you exclusive and Scripture Inscribed products!
We are still about a unique business that allows you to combine your faith and your work!
We are a flexible business model allowing you to choose how much or how little you work it.


What is improved?

Mary & Martha helps provide solutions for women giving you an easier way to:
o Creates a reason to Gather women together through our products and tips we share.
o Stage meaningful demonstrations in women’s home.
o Improved ways to schedule, sell and sponsor.


Products that can be found at Mary and Martha Living


Now is the perfect time to JOIN the Mary & Martha team because there are so many incentives right now, due to the new name!!
Mary & Martha is part of the Dayspring Company, Dayspring is part of the Hallmark Company!   
Mary and Martha is a rapidly growing business.  Many areas across United States are WIDE OPEN with little or no consultants in them.  This is a opportunity for Christian women to combine Faith and Income.


If you are a consultant with Mary and Martha living, this is what comes in your consultant kit.

Do you have questions about joining this rapidly growing team? You can email me at, I’d love to answer any questions you may have, and give you the help you need to get started.

When you join, you will get a kit worth over $400 for just $99 plus all of the information and catalogs to get you started!

The photo to the left shows you all that you get in your kit!

I’m so excited about this growing opportunity for Christian women to work from home!




“This post was written by and for Jane; Independent consultant for Mary and Martha.”  Do you have a small business that you would like to promote here? Check out our sponsor page!

Respectful opinions are always welcome

  1. Thanks for the lovely post Kendra!

    I am so excited about the Mary & Martha opportunity!

  2. terri wilkinson says:

    How do I find the website to order some coffee?

  3. I just broke a big coffee mug called Blessings (one of 4 in the set) Can it be replaced?

  4. Hi Kendra. I came across your website because I am looking for the SMALL CANDLESTICK – GRACE #84632 that was discontinued in August of 2013. I am hoping SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE might still have one for sale. Please email me if you know of one that is available. THANK YOU!

    • I emailed our consultant. I know that she is on vaca at the moment, but I also know she will get back to you when she returns :)Good luck finding it!

  5. I’ve never heard of this company but their products look awesome! Definitely going to scope them out :)

    • ANOUNCEMENT! For 72 hours, Mary & Martha will offer our Starter Business Kit and Deluxe Business Kit for HALF-PRICE (plus tax and S&H). That makes the Starter Business Kit Only $49 and the Deluxe Business Kit only $75!
      This special offer begins at 8:00 AM PST on Wednesday, April 9th and ends at 8:00 AM PST on Saturday, April 12th.
      You can JOIN here: and choose your 1/2 price kit on April 9 at 8:00 AM PST! Open to US only and many parts do not have any Mary & Martha consultant in them!

  6. What a beautiful selection! I can’t wait to go do some shopping. :)

  7. Oh wow, it looks like they have a lot of thing that would be right up my alley!! I am going to have to head over there and look at everything they have :)

  8. I really love those salt and pepper shakers!

  9. Those salt and pepper shakers are perfect!

  10. They have some very gorgeous products. I think the new name fits better than the old one :)

  11. Whoa, they have cute stuff!!!

  12. I am desperate to find a BLESSINGS mug and a GRATITUDE mug and hope someone can help me locate them? PLEASE and THANK YOU! God bless

  13. I’m really loving those plates! Not that I need anymore, but they’re still pretty!

  14. Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable! Such a cute aesthetic! Shabby chic is soo me!

  15. They have some really cute stuff. I love some of the pieces in the starter kit.

  16. I am disappointed! I just looked at becoming a Mary & Martha consultant but the startup kit has changed drastically from glassware to PAPER! NOT worth the money compared to just 3 months ago when they were giving away everything in the above picture! Not enticing enough for me to join anymore! :(

    • I kinda agree with you there. I sent this to our consultant and she can share it with the company. Hopefully things change soon.

    • Yes Katy, I agree with you in that I liked the other consultant kits alot more! They do try to keep in the consultant kit, the newest items at the time, so that is why the kit has what it has in it.
      I do expect the kit to change again in the fall, so check back then :)

      And, I will forward what you said to the company!

  17. I would love to gift someone with the Tears in a Bottle, but I don’t know how to purchase or if it is still available. Please help.

  18. I’m thinking about selling. Can you email me a brochure/info about the company and selling the products? I love the products and can’t wait to purchase some!!

  19. Is there a consultant in the central Arkansas area?

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