Music in Scripture with Scripture Lullabies +giveaway

Last year I shared a post about the Hidden in My Heart Scripture lullabies, where music in scripture made for a peaceful relaxing atmosphere.

Experience music in scripture with the Hidden in My Heart crew. Beautiful peaceful lullabies filled with the word of God

I shared how their music was soothing and perfect as a background for my writing. I also mentioned that I thought it would be great music for labor and birthing. I guess we will find out in about 20 weeks just how great it really is now won’t we :)

If you have never heard the Hidden in My Heart music, you can hear a sample just by clicking play below.

 The songs are amazingly peaceful and beautiful. They are calming and relaxing and many parents have found great results in playing them for their children at night times. Many testimonies state that it has calmed their children, helping them sleep better, and fighting against nightmares.

Of course, they may have been intended as Christian music for babies and children; but I find them perfect for relaxing in the tub, getting ready for bed, playing in the back ground during my quiet time and so much more.

They currently have 3 different albums available at this time. A Journey Through Scripture 1. A Journey Through Scripture 2. and now A Journey through the Life of Jesus. (all affiliate links to Amazon)

When it comes to music in scripture, the guys (and gals) at Hidden in My Heart really know what they are doing. Originally I was going to say this new cd is my favorite one so far. But after I listened to the other albums again, I realized that I do not have a favorite. It would be impossible to say which one I love most!

If you know of anyone having a baby, why not give them one of these Scripture Lullaby albums? Something soothing and unique, pretty sure you won’t see someone else giving a gift like this!

I promised a giveaway now did I not? One lucky winner will receive a their choice of a digital or physical copy of the newest album  from Hidden in My Heart. Use the raffle-coptor below to enter for your chance to win A Lullaby Journey Through the Life of Jesus.

Christian Music in Scripture Giveaway!

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  1. To be honest, I love to listen to the “Fly Like And Eagle” song myself!

  2. Beautiful music! Thank you.

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