Old German Baptist Church Conference

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While everyone was busy cranking out their “what we did this weekend postings” I was still enjoying my weekend at the Old German Baptist Church Conference!  So today I decided it was time to get ‘er done! lol

Now before we get to reading to far down I want to make something very clear.

I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. By my faith in his saving grace, I have a lively hope of a home in heaven.  That being said, I am also a member of the Old German Baptist Brethren Church-New Conference. We are a “plain church” with Anabaptist background.

The German Baptist (GB) church districts spread from the east to the west coast. On a yearly basis we meet in one location for a weekend of wonderful fellowship. The kids meet new friends, the adults see old ones (and meet new ones). Not everyone can come but as many as can, do. We love church conferences because not only are we sharing praise about the Almighty, we are also congregating.

I must apologize for the poor quality of these photos, I did bring my camera with me to the conference but would you know? It stayed in my room the whole time! So I used my phone and as a result the quality is not up to par. Oh well.

The last four years the Cedarville Christian University has been wonderful to us. From renting out the entire faculty for our use, to catering meals and also allowing us to rent dorms to stay in while there. We have been truly blessed by them.

old german baptist church conference

Sitting in the chapel during services. We were up in the balcony and I had sat my bible on the ledge to read it,  and then decided it would be a neat photo.

old german baptist church conference ~new conferenceThere were services at Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday night we also had communion.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

The Elders and Ministers sat up on the podium.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Fun Fact: There are over 2000 members of our church, not counting young children.   I am not sure what percentage made it to conference this year.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

The women’s side at communion Sunday night.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Standing in line for lunch. The food was very good, however when you are used to eating whole foods and organics… well lets just say it did have some rather adverse effects on our digestive systems. :)

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Inside the dining area things could get rather chaotic, however there were some wonderful volunteers who helped keep things running smoothly.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Only at a GB gathering… there were tables placed near the doors of the Stevens Center so that when we went in to eat we didn’t have to carry our purses and Bibles with us. There were 2-4 of these tables clear full depending on what time it was.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Walking from the Stevens Center (where we ate) to church for afternoon services.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Monday evening after church the young folks (alot of families will often join in also) always gather to sing. I embedded a video of one of the songs for you.  I didn’t start recording as quick as I should have so the first sentence got a little bit cut off.   The Title of the song is All Rise.

If you liked that song, I also recorded Power in the Blood.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference young folks

The preteen center where I spent most of Saturday afternoon helping out. Yes, there are teenagers there as well.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference young folks

Playing high water, low water.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference young folks

I couldn’t believe how high these kids were jumping. This little girl was maybe 10 years old and this rope was at my waist! Sorry the pics are so blurry.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference young folks

Here is hubby asking some girls if they want a ride. :)  There were prob a dozen or more of these carts and those who were helping park drove them around mostly giving rides to the elderly because this was a fairly large campus and the walk from dorms to the main buildings was to much for some.

old german baptist church conference ~new conference

Remember what I said about reconnecting with old friends? There you go! And no that is not me :) It’s just exactly what you would see all over the campus, little groups of people here and there enjoying each others fellowship.

So that is my weekend at the Old German Baptist church conference in a nutshell for you!

Respectful opinions are always welcome

  1. Thankyou for sharing looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. I was not aware of the GBC, but am slightly familiar with the Anabaptist background. I grew up Baptist (the stricter version), and the Bible college we went to made it sound like Anabaptist beliefs are nonexistent today….Although I am not familiar with “All Rise”, it sounded lovely & I thoroughly enjoyed “Power In the Blood”~Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Oh dear no, Anabaptist beliefs are still strong :).
      Amish, Mennonite, Petitioners, Old German Baptist.
      We all do things a little different but we are all
      still “plain”. Thanks for stopping by today :)

  3. I LOVE Power in the Blood! I’ve heard that one before a few times! BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like the conference was awesome!!! A friend of mine went to Cedarville!!! Also, you know my Papaw’s family were German Baptist!!! I was pretty sure from your dress that you were too and i was right! Yay! :):) Girl i LOVE your sweet spirit! We HAVE to get together when I get back to Ohio!!!

    • I didn’t know you had TB back ground miss! And yes, we must get together sometime soon. Now to go read “a look back” Come September I will be joining in :)

  4. I would defiantly would have enjoyed myself if I could have been there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rebekah says:

    Really interesting Kendra :) I enjoyed the music.

  6. I love attending conferences, meeting old friends and new ones, the sharing of the word. I trust you were blessed and refreshed Kendra.
    Have a wisdom filled week. God bless!

  7. Enjoyed seeing these pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  8. ashley k jones says:

    love this!! great way to capture the weekend!! blessings…

  9. Hello, I was wandering if this replaced the conference they use to have with the BIG tents and a week after they would have a big auction of everything left over?? I live in Miami Co. Ohio and moved here about 10 years ago, the German Baptist was new to me then, but I learned a little about them from some that came into where i worked at the time and I use to print areal photos of the conference with the big tents. If this is the same thing, this looks like a great movie with the housing and everything right there. I just came across your page but going to follow it, looks interesting to me. Thanks and God Bless

    • Actually it did but it didn’t replace it. :) Confusing right?
      We split back in ’08 because of disagreements over grace, works, new technologies and other stuff as well. We opted to leave the old group with all the tents and stuff like that, while we found more modernized resources. Because, we were having harder and harder times meeting the building codes in some states. So while I miss the romantic aspect of the tent meetings and all of that, I don’t miss the heat, the stinky outhouses, and the rain :) This move to using universities is a good one!

      • Thanks for sharing, I do remember hearing a little about disagreements and a posable split a while back, but never heard the out come. I don’t work at shop anymore where I had German Baptist customers to talk to. I agree the universities is got to be much more comfertable in the summer heat.

        (ment to say movie above not movie)

  10. Family of new and old GB says:

    You mentioned that part of the split was due to beliefs about works. Can you explain? I always heard my OGB grandparents say they “hoped” for heaven, while scripture clearly states in 1 John 5:13 that ” I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.” By definition, knowing and hoping are two very different things. Would appreciate your thoughts. Blessings!

    • Hmmmm, it’s hard to explain in a few sentences. But basically it was starting to feel like if you weren’t a good German Baptist, then you weren’t a Christian. Every year we get together for a conference and discuss world changes and how they affect us. Each year the minutes from those meetings are carefully recorded. That, in and of it’s self, isn’t a bad thing. But it was written by men and men make mistakes, (unlike the God inspired Bible).

      What happened though, is when a doctrinal issue came up, more references were made to minutes of past meetings than to the bible. So eventually the minute book, made it’s way up to the level of the Bible or above.Which is wrong. Only the Bible should be our law/guide and nothing else.

      Hopefully that makes sense to you :)


  12. Hi, Kendra:
    I really love your postings. I just want to share … I am not “GB” but fellowship with many folks who grew up GB and am growing SO MUCH!! While I don’t subscribe to plain dress (basic, modern modesty instead), I am loving learning so much more of the Anabaptist theology. Honestly, in my study of Scripture, it just makes so much more sense!! :) For example: going to war never made sense to me as a Christ follower, nor did the idea that one could be saved but have no fruit. I also love the reliance on the Holy Spirit working through the Body of Christ as we read, discuss, and dive deeply into Scripture. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your encouragement. Have a blessed week in the Lord!

  13. Does all gb accect Jesus as their savior?


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