Oregon Fun and a Wedding

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We spent the last week in Oregon with family and had a lot of fun. The occasion for going out there was a wedding, adding another girl to the family. :)

However, I was talking to one of my sister-in-laws later and we realized that yes, there have been 3 girls added to the family (3 out of the 5 boys getting married) but we have added 3 more boys (her 2 sons and mine) so the girls are still out numbered!

Of course a trip to Oregon is incomplete without a family trip to the coast. So hopefully you enjoy this photo-dump of our family fun!


The groom is a firefighter so the wedding photos reflected that to some extent. This is the immediate family with the bride and groom holding the little ones.


Maxen and Kolton are only 7 weeks apart in age. I wished we lived closer because I’m sure they will become great friends as they get older.


5 Brothers, three of them now have their “other halves”. :)


The best part about this photo is Karson “doing his part” :)


A beautiful cake made by my mother-in-law. She always does a great job!



They used this to cut the cake. :)


Cutting the cake and the traditional cake-feeding or cake-smash.

IFcake smash

First dance together as Mr. and Mrs.


A selfie with my hansom hubby. And then some with our sweet little guy. I bought him an outfit specifically for the wedding and since the 0-3 outfits are already fitting perfectly (meaning he will soon outgrow) I bought 3-6, it fit him too well considering he’s only 5 weeks.


A trip to the in-laws always means a trip to the coast. Much much fun as following photos will show.


I wanted to dip his toes in the ocean, but after it made my toes cold I decided that would be rather mean. Besides I was afraid I would lean down to put his toes in and a wave would get more than his toes wet. For those who have never been to the Oregon coast, the water is usually around 50 degrees or less. As well, the wind is pretty cold, so even in July you want jackets even in the wedding.


Snuggles with grandpa.


Burying Karson in the sand! No worries though, he pulled himself right out afterwards, nearly lost his pants in the process but he got out. :)



Kolton stayed in his wrap most of the time and even took a nap with mommy on the blanket.


The brothers had a lot of fun digging a hole and making rivers around it.



A prime example of the coastal weather. If you are playing in the water (I’ve went swimming in the past) you are numb and don’t need a jacket, but if you are just walking around and getting your feet wet, you may be bundled up a bit. I was a bit warm because I was trying to keep Kolton warm, his little hands got cold until I put my jacket on and wrapped it around him too.

In the meantime, other family members were soaking up the sun and staying dry. Kobi (the dog) actually enjoyed being buried in the sand. I think it helped keep him warm.


We stayed until sunset, bundling ourselves up against the evening chill (coats in July anyone?) and all did our best to capture the beauty of a sunset.


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  1. What beautiful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. The sunset was beautiful! I’ve been to the Oregon coast and to the ocean, but I don’t recall needing a jacket. Maybe I was tougher as a kid. LOL!

  3. How fun! Totally miss the Oregon coast!

  4. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Almost as good as being there! It’s so fun to watch our families just keep growing. The cake was amazing- you can tell your mother-in-law for me. lol

  5. What beach? My favorites are Cannon Beach, Cape Lookout in Tillamook and Florence, further south!

  6. When my husband and I were squatting we would take day trips to the Oregon coast. We have had the pleasure of taking our two growing blessings to Newport, Oregon. It’s a lovely place to spend time on the sandy beaches. Thank you for sharing your time with all of us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings and so much more!

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