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I’m always looking for save money tips and ways to put just a little bit more into savings. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY ideas, and You Tube is a great place to find tutorials for some of the bigger things.

No matter where you start, there are ways to save money in every aspect of life. Now I’m not a total tightwad; but by saving money in areas where I don’t have to spend it, I allow myself funds for fun things we like to do!

Check out this post for a whole list of save money tips!

Save Money tips for Utilities:

  • Unplug if not in use. Make this thing easy by plugging hair dryer, straightener, curler, razor and stuff like that into a power strip to easy unplug all at once when you are done.
  • Use energy saving bulbs, and turn out lights not in use.
  • Wear sweaters around the house in the winter (our thermostat is 68 or lower).
  • In the summer, keep your sun facing windows covered while the sun is over them to help keep the temps down, and set the thermostat on 72 or higher.
  • Think ahead and thaw foods on the counter instead of in hot water or microwave/convection oven.
  • Is your home phone a necessity?
  • Is the smart phone with 2 year plan  a necessity? (in our case hubby says yes, I say maybe not)
  • Dry laundry on a line if you have one.

Save Money tips on Groceries:

  • Stock up on sales.
  • Buy your meat directly from a farmer if you can.
  • Meal Plan.
  • Plan your meals around what you already have and use this week’s sales, for next weeks meals.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Use coupons and sign up for birthday deals at your favorite restaurants.
  • Make your own bread crumbs.
  • Can during the summer months when produce is cheap.
  • When fruits are in season, buy extras and freeze, like my frozen strawberries.
  • DO NOT shop hungry!
  • Our Goals for 2014

Save money  tips for around the house:

  • Use comic papers for wrapping paper.
  • Make instead of buying decor. Like this DIY large photo canvas, or board mounted photo.
  • Check garage sales and Craigslist for household items.
  • If your sink plugs or something stops working right, try searching for the the solution on You-Tube. I was able to find a video that showed me how to replace the pump in my washing machine. Word of caution though: when it comes to wiring, call someone with experience and as always with anything, use common sense.
  • Pinterest can offer a great many ideas for inexpensive home decor and more.

Save Money Tips for the Kitchen:

  • Make your own cleaners when you can, like Stainless Steel Polish & Glass Stove Top cleaner.
  • Flannel cloths instead of paper towels.
  • Pack lunches.
  • Make your own coffee.
  • Don’t buy water bottles, buy a filter pitcher and reusable bottle instead.

America Saves Money Tips:

  • Recycle whatever you possibly can in your area.
  • Tips to save gas money at the pump.
  • Walk when you can, or take a bike.
  • Ride share.
  • Garden in your back yard, or look for a community garden to join.

This one doesn’t fall into any one category, but here it is: invest in good, quality items. If you are buying a mixer, consider one that will do multiple things like a Bosch which can be used for chopper, blender, saucer, meat grinder and more. A dehydrator, that can be used for making yogurt and raising bread like my Excalibur. And well, you get the point, if you are going to buy something big, make it worth it!

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What kind of save money tips would you add?




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  1. Great suggestions!

    Another good idea is to learn basic sewing skills (if you’re not already a skilled seamstress). Before we got married my husband would spend lots of money to get clothes altered. He’d also toss clothes out if they got holes in them. We don’t have to worry about these expenses now because he has me to hem pants, replace buttons, etc.

    A few rudimentary skills can go a long way!

  2. Great tips except for the one about thawing food. Food should be thawed in refrigerator or under cold running water. A trip to the er for food poisoning would not be cost effective :-).

    • Good point, I suppose it would depend on how long one leaves the food out to thaw.
      Trips to the ER don’t exactly work into most people’s budget. :)

  3. Great tips! One small way we’ve saved money recently was by doing our own dry cleaning at home using an $8 Dryel kit. My husbands suits are very expensive to dry clean. I was also shocked last year when I had a wool coat dry cleaned and paid $20! A bit much considering I bought the coat on sale for $16… So Dryel for us from now on :-)

  4. I have another idea. How about buying gift cards for things you need, but buying them at a discounted price?
    Many people sell their unused gift cards at a discount! This was news to me, until a gift card sales company contact me to share their program with my readers. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could save by buying these cards!

  5. if there is something you really want and especially if it’s expensive. look up the reviews for the product before you buy it. it saves time and money and a lot of frustration!

    • Oh absolutely! Then I try to go through ebates to buy that item and get cash back too :)
      Mom always looks for reviews, decides what she wants, and then searches the web for best prices, discounts and all that kind of stuff. :)

      • i didn’t even think of the rest of those suggestions that your mom does, i will be doing that from now on. thank you! :D

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