Secret to Crispy Fried Potatoes

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What is my Secret to Crispy Fried Potatoes?

secret to crispy fried potatoes

Who doesn’t love fried potatoes? I love them!  There is one thing that’s sometimes tricky for me, getting them crispy.  It’s easy to get crispy potatoes if you deep fry them. but what if you are like me? No deep fat fryer, and not real keen on all that grease?

I like to put some oil or butter in a pan and fill it full of potatoes, but that is where I have a hard time getting them crispy.

Enter Coconut oil!!! Tada! :)

Ok, so maybe the fanfare was a bit much, but still…  Growing up, I remember that we used coconut oil a lot. But somehow in the busyness of getting married and setting up housekeeping, I forgot about it. And when I ran out of the little I did have, I went to the store and bought olive oil.

When I found a review and giveaway for one quart of Coconut oil from Tropical Traditions on one of my favorite blogs I entered the giveaway, (after all, who doesn’t love giveaways?), but after I entered I started remembering all the amazing things I used to use coconut oil for. So…. I went and bought some, yummy!

And here is my secret to crispy fried potatoes.

One part butter (flavor) to Two parts coconut oil.

Melt the butter and oil, put your potatoes in. Keeping the heat medium low, cook covered for about 10-15 minutes. Do not stir more than necessary. Once the potatoes are just soft, remove the lid and cook on med-hi heat to quickly brown the edges.

Secret to crispy fried potatoes

I know that looks like a lot of oil and butter, but I filled that pan clear full. And they still came out crispy!

Like this, except at one time, (like 2 minutes ago) there were a lot more. :)

secret to crispy fried potatoes

Coconut oil is wonderful for cooking among many other things!




Respectful opinions are always welcome

  1. But, my favorite is fried RICE! Did you ever try that? I can give you a recipe if you want.

  2. These sound yummy. I usually always use olive oil. Another trick I have found if you don’t want to fry is to put the spuds on a greased cookie sheet and then spray – spritz – some oil over the spuds. Oil in a spray bottle comes in handy.

    My sister also swears by coconut oil for the skin … keeps the skin healthy. Oh, and I love your stuffed mushroom recipe… Better than Red Lobster’s any day :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your tip! I remember eating crispy potatoes when I grew up but never seem to get them very crispy nowadays..I have to try and mix coconut with butter next time..

    • It makes a big difference. I usually through it all in the pan on med-hi heat and cover for about 5-10 minutes, so they cook through, and then take the lid off, turn the heat a little higher and crisp them. Good luck :)

  4. Good to know!!! Thanks for the tip!

  5. The more I use coconut oil, the more I love it. It does something magic to baked goods. I haven’t really used it in frying. I can’t wait to try our your idea with potatoes. I usually roast these kinds of potatoes in the oven with oil. Have you tried using the coconut oil in the oven at a high roasting heat?

  6. oh dearie me I must try this!!!!!!! I have coconut oil in the cupboard but hardly ever use it. Hubby loves fried taters, but I have never figured out how to make them crispy like him mom did (and no I never thought to ask her). Taters on the shopping list for tonight! :-)

  7. Oh! My! Gosh! I saw this on Monday and about fell over! I love fried potatoes and LOVE coconut oil! I love to saute my zucchini and yellow squash in it with a light dusting of seasoned salt! YUM!

    Great, now I’m hungry! LOL

    Kim M.

  8. …another quick question…

    When do you add the potatoes? Do you cut them up (dice them) then boil them and then fry them or do you fry them from raw? Just wondering!

    Kim M.

  9. Courtney Tucker says:

    Mmm, these look nice!
    I have used this oil to deep fry potatoes and it is so good, never have tried little oil like that with butter, only butter alone with sausage, onions and potatoes, need to give it a go when I am allowed carbs again! Sunflower oil works great also!

  10. Thanks for the idea. I reviewed Coconut Oil too so I have a jar I can use right away. I have also used it to do oil pulling (in your mouth for 15-20min) as a health aid.

  11. I’ve never tried to fry with Coconut oil. Interesting.

  12. I love cooking with coconut oil. I have never fried my potatoes in it, but I will give it a try. One of my favorite things is popping popcorn in coconut oil, and I LOVED Tropical Traditions too. They are great! Thanks for sharing your tip!

  13. G’day! The secret is well and truly out now!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of the Foodie Friends Friday Potato Party!


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