Springtime on the Farm

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 Growing up on a farm I remember spring as one of my favorite seasons.   The baby animals were the main reason. However, calves and baby chicks are not near as cute as the babies we saw yesterday. Warning, these pictures may cause cuteness overload!

These are haired sheep, they shed their coats in the spring and because their tails don’t need cropped they look like goats during the summer.

A brand new baby!

Aren’t they just too cute!

Shy baby.

The black sheep of the flock :)

Not as cute as the lambs, but still cute.

Not a baby at all, but he was so funny and cocky!  I really had a hard time getting his pic, because every time I tried he would crow just as loud as he could and it made him look like he was having some weird type of spasm in the pic.

I am so grateful that God blessed me with a man who loves animals as much as I do!  We had a lot of fun yesterday with the baby lambs and then watching all the other animals.

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  1. Oh my gosh, those are SOOO adorable! I just love the pic of you in the red dress with the lamb, super cute!

  2. Oh my goodness too cute! My Ian would just LOVE to hang out with you guys that day with all those animals!!!!!

  3. these are waaaaaaay, waaaaaay too cute!!!

  4. So exciting, all of these animals! And those lambs! With those tails! it sort of makes you a little confused, knowing that they are lambs, and seeing that they look like goats… Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your animals with us! :)

  5. They all look very beautiful! I looooove the lambs, they look adorable. Lovely pictures Kendra!
    I’m having a bit of cuteness overload right now lol!

  6. Kendra, these pictures are adorable!!! Those little lambs and chickens are so cute!!! I literally went “aww” when I saw the pictures :)

    I am following you back from the Aloha Friday blog hop!! May God bless you in all you do and I look forward to interacting in the future!!!

  7. What breed of sheep are they?


  1. […] my mom raises meat hens and laying hens for herself and us children. She also raises sheep. Her animals are free range and fed non GMO. The grain purchased for the chickens is non GMO, but […]

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