Why Do I Wear a Covering?

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Why do I wear a covering? You know, if I had a nickle for every time some one asked me that… I would have a lot of nickles. :)

It is however, a valid question and one I am always happy to answer.  And since I’ve started blogging, I have received many emails that question why I wear a covering. I have even had people ask me to blog about it.  I’ve always said no, but after some thought and prayer, I decided to share.

I wasn’t hesitant to share because I am ashamed, but because this is a very controversial subject.  What I am going to share is my personal convictions and what I feel God has told me through his inspired word, The Bible.

Why I wear a covering:

What if you picked up the Bible, opened it up and decided to take the words you read in a very literal sense? We all like to sit down with a study Bible and note pad, and take notes, cross-reference and “really learn”. But what if, the you opened the bible and took these God Inspired words at face value?

Every thing written in this book has a purpose. I do not feel that there would be anything in there that had nothing to do with our Christian walk. So assuming that everything written has a purpose, and the words of this book are to be taken at face value, (what it says is what is means) lets read.

1 Corinthians 11:5-6 But a woman dishonors her head if she prays or prophesies without a covering on her head, for this is the same as shaving her head. Yes, if she refuses to wear a head covering, she should cut off all her hair! But since it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or her head shaved, she should wear a covering. NLT

Black Lace Veil

Why would the above verse be in the Bible, unless it still held water for today?  We could say, “well that was the custom of that day.”  But the ten commandments were issued long before Paul’s time and they still hold true.

Below is a painting done by a mid 1800’s artist. Notice all the women are wearing hats to cover their heads.

wear a covering

Alice Barber Stephens (American artist, 1858–1932) Church Scene with Worshippers Amused by Off Key Singer

colonial women wear a covering

Above are two different paintings/drawings, from two different eras. It looks as though women take covering their heads, very seriously. Have we, in this century become so enlightened that we no longer need to follow Gods word?

What about headship?  1 Cor. 11:3 …The head of every man is Christ and; the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. KJV

woman covered by the man

vs 10  For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels. KJV

vs 10  For this reason, and because the angels are watching, a woman should wear a covering on her head to show she is under authority. NLT

Gods word is very clear. The woman was placed under the man, For Her Protection.  When a woman is covered she has a power that most of the time isn’t even recognized.  Being also a witness to the world.

I have a couple of stories that I should share sometime soon…

I do want to clarify. While these are my personal convictions, based on what I believe God’s word says. I want to encourage you to search and discover for yourself, what God wishes for you, his beloved daughter.

This decision to wear a covering is between you and your husband. If you wanted to cover your head to show your obedience to your man and he doesn’t like you to cover your head, I would caution you to pray long and hard!

A friend of mine felt that she should wear a covering. But when her husband saw it, he didn’t like it and thought it unnecessary.  However, he did like the idea of her having longer hair. So she is still able to honor him.

Respectful opinions are always welcome

  1. I have never considered covering my head, but I respect your decision to do so. I’m thankful that God deals with each of us individually…especially since he made us all that way! 😉

  2. I actually do cover my head at church services. I prayed long and hard about doing it 24-7, but felt that wasn’t exactly what 1 Corinthians 11 teaches. I am not knocking your convictions, this is just the conclusion I’ve come to.
    I find it very interesting when studying this passage in groups that it is always regulated to culture and tradition. Yet, our culture here in the USA only stopped covering heads at church in the 1960s. Had to do with Vatican 2. Men are still culturally supposed to uncover their heads. Also interesting. Oh, and in England, the woman still wear hats to church.
    Anyway, you did a very good job of explaining why you cover your head. It is not offensive, but is very clear.
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Victoria says:

      What type of covering do you wear for church?

    • RovinJeaane says:

      Hi hippy Girl. Actually, head covering were never spoken of in Vatican II. It was priest and the women’s movement (mostly) that just stopped. It was written in the Code of Canon Law and that was not up dated till 1982/3 so for 20 years women were breaking church law. Then in the new Code of Canon Law it states at the beginning that everything in the ol law was nul and void. If you could not find in the NEW laws and answer (like women covering their heads, refer back to the OLD Canon Law…. so technically we all should cover our heads when going to Mass, Adoration, ect ….
      some say … well it was a cultural thing for certian regions in the world… well if that’s so then why did women ALL over the world and many many religions cover their head for almost 2000 years and really it goes back 4000 years with the Jewish and other religions.
      Oh by the way if you can’t tell, I’m for covering of the head. Like you mentioned only men stopped covering their heads in the New Testament where as before they to covered, too.

  3. Kendra,

    I’m glad you chose to blog about why you wear a covering. It was informative to me. I didn’t even know what it was called, to be honest, though I’ve sometimes seen women wearing them. While I feel the biblical reference was for the time and culture of the day in which it was written, I have always appreciate seeing women who have chosen to cover their heads out of respect and submission to their husbands and to the Lord. All Christian women would do well to have the same inward attitude that your outward covering represents. God bless! Lori, visiting from Be Not Weary today.

  4. So glad you chose to blog about this!! Different Christian traditions fascinate me and I love hearing the reasoning behind different parts of them! I’d love to hear more!

  5. Verse 15 is the one that throws a loop in the covering thought for my husband and me, which might also be where your friend’s husband is coming from too: “15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.” My husband feels that by having long hair a woman’s head is covered as mentioned in this verse. I’ve done word studies and everything else to try and “figure it out” but I’ve not gotten any answer from above, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing until HE tells me different. :-)

    • Hi Anna

      I too wear a covering. Did you ever consider that the hair is given for a covering to be put on? The greek word for covering means vesture or veil. And remember the verse about her praying uncovered would be the same as if she were shorn or shaven.
      God bless!

    • I’m with Anna, the covering is our “long hair.”

      Do you wear your covering when you are asleep? If not, what happens if you wake up at 2 a.m and talk to God? Do you quickly slip the covering on? I feel like I’m in constant communication with the Lord so this would require me to never go without a “covering.” I’m not convicted that this is what the Bible means by covering.

      I say all these things in Christian love as this is something I have searched the scriptures over, spoke with other Christians about, prayed about, etc.

      I appreciate you sharing. Please continue to do so.


      • I actually do wear scarf to bed. I pin it on and it stays fine. I don’t wear anything swimming and I’m sure I’ve prayed then at times. The covering is a sign that a woman is under mans protection and also of the power that is given to her by the angels.
        Each person will obviously have different opinions on this subject though.

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  7. Thanks for sharing that. Honestly, I had wondered why you wore it in passing. But now I know!

  8. I will admit, I always wanted to email you about it, but thought you would either think I was too nosy, or be so sick and tired of answering the question, that you wouldn’t want to have to answer it again.

    I had also strongly considered wearing one from time to time, after reading that passage, and the one about the angels being confused. Actually, that part kind of freaked me out, to be honest. Then, I also read about the long hair thing, which I have. My husband, as well as my pastor, both said it was because of the custom of the day. I myself, believe in a woman having long hair, which I do. I also wear mostly, long skirts and dresses. I am Baptist(not the legalist Baptist, lol!) and you would not believe, or maybe you would, the amount of people that have asked me if it was a “weird religious thing”! For one, I find them more comfortable than paints. For another thing, I believe a girl should dress like a girl. Just my personal opinion. I even had one other Baptist girl tell me once, when a discussion came up about her nearing Baptism date, and I said I was a Christian, that she knew I was, because I always wore skirts. Hmmm…interesting…

    • Your post about the long dressed reminded me of one time when I was entering a restroom and was looking down. The person in front of me had pants on. I looked up at her as we got inside and said with a big smile on my face, “I thought sure you were going in the wrong restroom because the sign on this one shows a dress and the other one shows pants.
      Thankfully she just laughed.

    • On the end the whole dresses and pants thing is everyone’s conviction but I to only wear dresses. What just shows me that I must being doing the right thing is that many can tell I am a christian by the way I dress! ☺

      • “For another thing, I believe a girl should dress like a girl. Just my personal opinion.”

        Y’all know that pants are neither feminine nor masculine, don’t you? In the time when the bible was written *no one* wore pants. Men and women both wore what can be called tunics, although something resembling stockings were in existence as early as 6th century BC, records indicate they were worn by both sexes (and I don’t see any women disputing stockings anyway.)

        What this verse you’re referring to – Deut 22:5 – stems from the custom at the time in pagan temples where women were required to wear men’s armor and men were required to look like women while worshiping the goddesses. This did not mean in common dress, because again, both men and women dressed almost exactly the same – but to make them appear feminine – there are many ways this could have happened.

        Take jeans for example. A man today could wear carpenter jeans, and most would agree they were masculine. He could also wear pink skinny jeans, and most would agree he looked feminine. Both are jeans, both are pants, but they are still distinct. This is the context of the verse. If it is your conviction to wear only dresses or skirts then that is something you should follow, but you should also make sure to realize it is only your conviction and not that Yahweh is banning women from wearing pants.

    • Victoria says:

      I agree with you and find skirts more comfortable than pants.

  9. oh kendra, thank you for sharing! im glad you were open about why you wear a covering and thank you too for sharing the Bible verses and pictures! :) makes me think :)

  10. I have thought about head coverings in the past, but the long hair thing has also thrown me off. So if you have long hair, you don’t need a covering? My husband and I have decided against them for now but we totally respect woman that choose too. I think you did a great job explaining your decision.

  11. So very informative! Way to stand up for what you believe and do what you feel is right. I think this is what makes the world so great. We can research for ourselves what is right for us. I think if we were to do this with a bit less judgment, it would be great wouldn’t it? I actually never thought twice about it. I never even thought to ask!

  12. I have a question if you don’t mind? When it comes to the head coverings I notice lots of people wear white ones. Is there a significance to that (such as purity?) or can you wear any color you want? Also, if a person chooses to do this, can they wear any fashionable type of hat like you could buy at a department store for instance? I never thought too much about it before but I love watching vintage tv shows/movies and you always see ladies wearing hats back then. Not sure if it was just high fashion in those cases, or if it was a bit of a “values” thing too.

    • RobinJeaane says:

      as for veils they mostly only came in black and white. White signified single and black was for the married and widows. Today there are so much variety… for me i have many, many colors to match my clothes when I can. Some where hats. Hats were an modest thing at one time but then became grossly big and showy…. maybe that turned many off and why many just stopped covering, it had lost its meaning and humbleness

  13. In answer to Rebekah’s question…Does the color white have anything to do with the veiling?
    While the color white does signify purity, it is not mentioned in Scripture in association with the Christian woman’s head covering. Neither is mentioned in Scripture of what style the head covering should be.

    If you notice in other cultures, Africa and India for example, the women use saris or kerchiefs. Our Good Lord did not put in His book exactly what color or what style….He just gave us the principle.

    The Lord is faithful in leading and guiding us, I can assure you of this. Pray for the Lord to show you what His will is,not just in this one area but in all areas of your life. I can testify of His sanctifying POWER, I just praise Him for that.

  14. I just stumbled upon your blog and have, over the past 13 years, have studied this and tried to understand if it is something I ought to do or if it was something that was done in those days and now is shown in a different way. One thing I have come to understand is that most women today have no desire to be under any authority. Not the case for me. When visiting with a new gal pal I asked her why she wore one and she asked me if I agreed with that portion of scriptuer. I do, I agree that I am under my husband’s authority and I am thankful for it. Though trying to find a way to keep a head covering on my head has not been easy. I have tied them on and they slip off leaving my hair all in my eyes because they pull my hair from the style I have put it under the covering. Thank you for sharing your understanding with all of us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • I’m glad you found me :) I do know that finding a covering that will stay on is difficult. I actually hair spray mine down
      because it is mesh. I have a couple coverings like the Mennonite Moms sells that I wear at home, those I have to clip on or they will fall off.

  15. Thank you for taking time to explain this. I was always curious but I felt it was because of religious beliefs and never asked. I totally respect your position on this. It never occurred for me to do this. Since it was pretty much done away with in the Catholic church post Vatican II, I just assumed it was something only Mennonite or Amish women did nowadays. Thanks for helping to bring understanding to this!

  16. Hey Kendra! I will admit when I received the e-mail that you had posted about your head covering it interested me. I can’t say I was very interested in knowing why you wore one because I figured it was for religious reasons and didn’t think asking would be appropriate.

    I’ve never considered wearing a head covering and honestly, I think my husband would be upset if I did. I cut my hair short once and he didn’t like it at all and was quite expressive about it. So I have always kept my hair long. I’ve never really thought of it in the biblical sense of why I should cover my head or wear long hair.

    I guess that is why there are different interpretations of the bible and it is within each of us to interpret it the way we see fit as God did make us individuals and capable just that.

    When I read, “1 Corinthians 11:5-6 But a woman dishonors her head if she prays or prophesies without a covering on her head, for this is the same as shaving her head. Yes, if she refuses to wear a head covering, she should cut off all her hair! But since it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or her head shaved, she should wear a covering. NLT”

    I didn’t interpret it the way you do and that’s ok. I’m not putting your personal convictions at all…please don’t take it that way. I completely and totally respect your view and that is why I love reading your blog…for reasons like this.

    I read it and took it as, if a woman has shorter hair or shaves her head, she should wear a covering and if she has longer hair it works as a covering.

    As I was unpacking more of my things today I found my bible! I was so excited and can’t wait to read more…

    Kim M.

  17. I found your blog through raising homemakers (I think). I am really pleased yo mentioned this subject as it is one that God is really talking to me about. I have been covering my head in church for a while but now I feel that God wants me to do it more full time. I come from a non Christian wider family who already think I am weird so it is hard. But I am trying to be obedient. Thankfully my husband is very supportive. I mostly stick to scarfs as they don’t fall off and don’t look too obvious… I sometimes wonder though whether God has me on this journey and he wants me to stand out more and these are just the stepping stones towards that.
    Do the rest of your family cover? What sort of reaction, if any, do you get when you are out and about?

    • I’m going to share some stories soon about what has happened in the public over wearing a covering.
      Most of my family does indeed wear a covering. And you do stand out, but I guess I am kinda used
      to that. As Christians were are supposed to stand out for what we believe in. As far as scarves
      go, use clips, or fun bobby pins. It makes a huge difference in keeping it on. :)
      Blessings on your journey!

  18. Stephanie L says:

    Very interesting post. Thank you for your thoughts! This is a part of a whole that my husband and I are so wanting to understand more. We were both raised in Christian homes and love Jesus with all our hearts. So we are not new to the faith. But, recently it occurred to us that we take some things very literally and others we toss by the wayside – mostly laws from the OT. But Jesus said that He came to FULFILL the laws of the OT, not to abolish them. So…what about a man shaving his beard or cutting off his hair? That one really gets to us. I honestly didn’t think much about covering, but it fits in with what we are already looking at. Why is it that we (general, not specific, regarding the Christian church) feel so free to take some things literally and some things not? Who are we to choose? I love the saying that the Bible is not trail mix to pick and choose what we like. :) Anyway…thanks for your thoughts!

    • I have never heard that saying :) But I do like it!
      I often wonder about several different things as well. I have
      friends who are Hebraic Christians and they follow many things
      of the old law. So while I’m trying to understand their
      viewpoint I am also seeing that much of the old law, being
      fulfilled is gone. Any way, it’s interesting.
      I pray you and your husband find the answers you are looking for.

  19. I loved your post! I was convicted to cover when my oldest was just a toddler but my husband has only okay-ed it for church only, there are times I wear it all day, mine tend to look more like wide hair bands. I’ve done the kerchief, the kapp, the veil and my husband didn’t like any of them – I was actually given a nasty look when wearing the kapp out one day! Usually though the responses have been positive, men tend to open the doors for me or call me ma’am – I do wear dresses/skirts only. At one time I so desired to wear cape dress but my husband nixed that as well. He grew up Catholic, so even though some Catholics still wear mantilla’s it wasn’t done in his church and it’s been a source of struggle, my inlaws constantly ask why the girls don’t wear pants and tell me that women just don’t stay home anymore. My dad and one brother has asked me if it’s some religious thing – and while it started out as such – it’s not a legalistic thing (although legalism isn’t bad when it’s Scriptural – I mean if the Lord tells us to something in His Word, it can’t be legalism!) I was a feminist and am glad that I’m a woman and have repented of my evil and old ways. I was able to spend a weekend with a New Order Amish family a couple years ago and it was so awesome, only wish husband had went with me, and I was able to wear my kapp the entire time.

    • RobinJeaane says:

      My sister and I found that when we dress like a lady, we get treated like one. It’s not about getting men to do things for us it’s and opportunity for men to be men and it’s a good feeling for them. They have been so de-masculinized over the past few decades.

  20. So glad you shared, bless you.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I have one big question for you – do you feel this applies only to married women or to all women?

    Personally, I plan to cover my head in some fashion for church at the very least when I get married . . . but I don’t currently do that as I am single and feel that head covering often sends the message that I am unavailable. Which is the last message I’d want to send a single Godly man God might have for me at church.

    What are your thoughts?

    Also, what about the verses about a woman’s long hair being her covering, do you think that is sufficient? Is there a greater need to cover if you choose to cut your hair shorter?

    Just curious what your thoughts are – I’m only just learning more on the subject myself.

    • Not only does the covering show submission to a woman’s husband, it also shows submission to Gods order.
      With Christ the head of man and Man the head of woman. The covering shows that a woman is under the
      protection of man. Be it her husband, father, father image ect. The covering does not show that a
      woman is unavailable, but under protection.
      As far as her hair being for a covering, the direct translation is her hair is to be covered. Just
      like “water is for drinking” also means “water is to drink” I hope that makes sense. :)

  22. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this subject (it was also interesting to read through all of the comments). I too believe that this scripture is one to be taken literally and not just thrown out as being “a custom of the day”. I do not wear a covering all of the time but always have a kerchief or something handy to wear if I am going to pray (though I do also try to pray without ceasing, even in the shower so there are prayers that are done without my head being covered). I have had trouble knowing for sure if this should be a 24/7 thing and since my husband doesn’t care for me to cover my head all of the time- I have chosen to just do it at churh and then whenever I am stopping doing other things to spend time in prayer (such as before a meal, during my morning devotions, etc). As far as headcoverings I have chosen to simply wear hats (such as those that anybody might wear) or a Kerchief tied around or a scarf.

  23. I was actually very interested to know this as well, and didn’t want to ask because I figured it would be rude and didn’t know how to word it! Thanks for sharing :)

  24. Thank you for sharing this. I also agree that the verses you cited do say that in church, or at least during some form of public worship, a women should have a covering. I would do that it we chose to belong to a traditional church and have. My Husband prefers that I do not cover my head otherwise and I prayed long and hard and have. He has no problem with me covering during prayer or if I just feel like I need to. He is very, very respectful of many areas that I have asked him to consider my thoughts, feelings or convictions. So, I am respectful of his. It is not a violation to not be covered otherwise, and so that is where I am. If you want to cover otherwise I have no problem and love the creative looking coverings. LOVE them.

    My one caveat was this. I went to a restaurant and there was a women who was dressed kind of like the 1800s (not Amish or mennonite, more like what people wear in old westerns) and had a head covering. She was outside nursing her baby and I had to as well. I was so excited because I assumed she was Christian. But she didn’t want to speak with me. We ran into her daughter later and my daughters were so excited to see another little girl with a nice dress on besides them. But again, they just kind of ignored me.
    This could be a freak thing. Only it made us ASSUME, that we didn’t have skirts as long as them and we didn’t have coverings on so they didn’t want to converse with us.

    I admit, I could be totally wrong. However, this was not the last time this has happened. It often comes across to me that I am too much a prude for crowd but not frumpy enough for some in the church LOL.
    So I would just say, that a covering does not a Christian make, but it sounds like you already know that :)
    Thank you again for sharing.

    • That’s to bad that you were put off by other “Christians?”. Somehow or the other, I feel that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Not every one is going to read the bible the way I do, but if they are truly saved and the Lord shines through their actions, I am more than willing to accept them as who they are. At the same time, if I feel they are doing something that is directly against scriptures I may ask them where they are coming from on a certain issue. Not every one is the same, and we are all raised differently, so even that comes into play in how they live out their Christian life.

  25. So glad you posted this! I prayed for a long time about this, and felt God lead me to ask my husband about what he would want me to do. I feel the headcovering is an outward way to show honor to him, while honoring the Lord in the process. He said he didn’t care either way. It’s something I think about a lot, but I feel confident in the decision I’ve made. Like you said, it’s our own convictions. I don’t wear pants or leggings to church at all, and I get asked about that a lot too. Again, it’s where God has lead ME, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

  26. Hey Kendra! I’m glad you blogged about this. My best friend Lydia and I have had conversations about this, I find it a fascinating but like you, personal to each woman, subject.

    After thought and prayer, Lydia decided to cover her head for corporate prayer, like prayer before Bible Study or in church and having the covering optional other times.

    For myself, at first I was thinking it didn’t apply since it seemed to be cultural (the passage goes on to say that he didn’t know of any church with a different custom, which to me implies he considered it a custom) But a few years later I saw the verse about it being a sign to the angels and thought “Angels are outside the whims of human societies, so this seems to be something more than cultural.”

    I started to wear a covering (I consider anything that covers part of my head a covering. I can be a bandana, a hat, a snood, a large barette, etc) but I’m scatterbrained and kept forgetting/losing them. Then I analyzed the message and how it seems to imply that man is above the woman.

    In the Greek, as I understand it, woman and wife are the same words (like femme in French) and I wondered if this passage was not for unmarried women (which I am.)

    Because of the doubt I prayed and God and I have kind of reached this understanding- at times, when I feel convicted and as a show of submission I will cover. But since I am unmarried I don’t wear it daily. But when I get married, I plan on it…

    Then I told Ryan, my fiance.

    And he hates the idea of me wearing a covering. A) He loves my hair and wants it to show and b) he feels like it makes him seem autocratic or something.

    And since it seems to symbolize being under his authority, wouldn’t wearing a head covering be flaunting his authority if he hates them? Then again, there is the verse about the angels.

    So… not sure again. Maybe I will wear them as Lydia does, for corporate prayer. I think Ryan and I should pray about it, but he’s not particularly concerned, since there’s so much else going on in our lives. We’ll see.

    • Victoria says:

      Pamela, have you considered covering for church and prayer only, perhaps this is a compromise both you and your husband would be comfortable with? That is what I currently am doing.

  27. Oh! And just to add to the conversation Lydia told me about a woman she knows who says her hair is a covering so she just keeps it long for this reasons, citing “For her hair is given to her as a covering.” (1 Cor 11:15). And I have been growing my hair out for 5 years (and yes, it’s still only this long. My hair grows like molasses flows.) So maybe I’ll pray about that.

  28. I have felt the need to wear a covering for awhile now. I’m Baptist, and my husband is not yet a Christian. So he really doesn’t see the need in my wearing a covering. He does like my hair long, and I have honored him in that, but I would still like to wear an inconspicuous covering. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

    • A snood crocheted in thread the color of you hair would be a start. The Mennonite Mom that has an ad on my site makes these black
      lace bandanas, they seem to be really pretty and would cover nicely without looking to conspicuous. My advice though is to always
      honor his wishes, so if he is flat out saying no, honor that and pray that the Lord would work in his heart. ~Blessings

  29. I’ve been led to cover lately as well. You are right that we should take the Bible at face value. This can be hard on our rebellious little hearts…but what a blessing we receive when we’re obedient!

    Hope you have a great day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  30. It’s very interesting! I learnt something. I’m a Methodist christian ( my grand father was a Minister indeed ) but I attended catholic schools because in France, Protestants preferred Secularism so we have very few Protestant schools here. So I was used to cover my head in Church because it’s recommended to women to wear on a scarf or a hat. I say recommended because it’s not compulsory because some women doesn’t do it. I think it’s tolerated because French are not pious. Thank you for sharing this!

  31. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I loved reading the comments. My conviction is the head covering is for today…I go to a church where this is explained from the Bible and we have explained it to our children. What a privilege to read the Bible at face value as you mentioned. But I want to live out what my head covering symbolizes! Do I submit to my kind husband? That old nature wants to be in charge from time to time. I want my walk and my talk to match! Blessings as you continue to encourage us!

  32. Beautifully worded!

  33. Hello Kendra,

    Thank you for blogging about your decision to wear head covering. I have a friend who always wore a hat at work, and she said it was her religion because she is Jewish. Now I understand her decision better. Because most people would think that when a woman does something unique like this, she is just trying to stand out from the crowd and get noticed for being different. In fact, some people I know went so far as to call it a rebellion, to be contrary to what everyone else is doing. But I guess in your case, it is part of your religion and most of the women in your congregation wear head coverings based upon their belief in the bible? So again, thanks for your enlightening blog. very informational.

    Nena R.

  34. It’s your choice, of course, but I truly believe this is a verse that needs to be read with its cultural context in mind. Here’s why. The Greek word gunē is translated “wife” in verses that deal with wearing a veil (such as the verse you mentioned, 1 Corinthians 11:5). The reason it is translated “wife” is because wearing a veil was a sign of being married in first-century culture. The word gunē does not mean “wife” on its own; it can refer to a woman of any age. The translation is “wife” due to the reference of a head covering. Reading the Bible with an understanding of context is crucial; as Rich Nathan notes (which Wayne Grudem references in his writings), it is rare for men to follow the explicit teaching of Scripture by kissing each other.

    Wayne Grudem writes, “Paul is concerned about head covering because it is an outward symbol of something else. But the meaning of such a symbol will vary according to how people in a given culture understand it. It would be wrong to require the same symbol today if it carried a completely different meaning. People have thought that head covering for women in the first century was a symbol of (a) a woman being in submission to her husband (or perhaps to the elders of the church), (b) being a woman rather than a man, (c) being a wife rather than an unmarried woman, or (d) having authority to pray and prophesy publicly in the church. There may be other explanations of the symbolism, but everyone agrees that Paul’s concern is not to protect women from catching a cold or getting a sunburn on their head. Rather, he is concerned because of what wearing a head covering symbolized to people in Corinth.”

    Grudem continues, “Whatever we think a head covering symbolized in first-century Corinth, it does not symbolize the same thing today. And that means if Paul’s concern was over what a headcovering symbolized, then he would not want women to wear a head covering in a situation where a head covering did not carry the same symbolic meaning. Therefore if we cannot be sure what the head coverings symbolized for women in the first century (for interpreters differ on this), the very fact that it does not symbolize much of anything to people today, even to Christians, is a strong argument that Paul would not have wanted us to follow it as sort of a meaningless symbol. I think it also means that God Himself does not intend us to follow this practice today, in a society and culture where it carries no symbolic meaning.”

    To read the article in its entirety: http://www.monergism.com/Headcoverings%20by%20Wayne%20Grudem.html

    Also noteworthy is the fact that this verse never condemns the act of not wearing a headcovering as sin; it merely says it is shameful. Scripture is very clear about what types of activities are abhorrent to God, what is sin and what is even an abomination to Him, and that language is not used here.

  35. I have thought about wearing head coverings. I have talked to a few women in my home church (we do not wear head coverings) and I have talked to a few Mennonite women around our area. I was not taught to wear a covering all the time but as a young girl from birth, I was made to wear a hat on Sundays. I wear some headbands that I made about 6″ wide, solid color (black or white) to Church, when praying and singing fellowship songs. I feel that my head should be covered but I have also been taught that hair is enough. It is confusing when a lot of people pick and choose what suits them from the Bible! The above passages are marked in my Bible and read often! I pray about the matter often but not sure where to go from the headbands. They cover most of my head being so wide. My girls also have to wear them! I feel I am with the right church but I feel that you have to follow the Bible as a whole not just what suits you at the moment! By the way, thank you for the wonderful blog!

  36. Personally I’d prefer to die for loving Jesus. a covering or a hair covering shouldn’t be controversial. I am a christian, strong in my faith and values. I’m glad you put that you choose to wear a covering because the bible has convicted you to, not that you will burn in hell for not wearing one or that someone is making you but because you believe with your life, you are honoring God in this way. Everyone has different convictions and the Lord has different ways of convicting us individually. This may very well be Kendra’s common vehicle to bring more people to Jesus. It is the woman behind the covering and the Jesus behind that woman that makes her holy, not what she wears, though she honors the Lord by letting what she wears reflect her character and the ways of God. Her practice is her way of honoring God. But people, God’s greatest commandment isn’t to love a head covering it is to first love him and love people and keep his commandments. Not that wearing a head covering is obsolete but that the heart and lifestyle are much more important. I think when the Lord Jesus comes back on that cloud, his first question will be did you do what I have commanded you and what did you do with what I gave you? Not did you wear a head covering? My husband’s family are Mennonite and some of them skip the love of God and go straight to judging people for what they wear and they miss leading people Jesus. That’s so sad because God wants more people to live eternally with him. So glad to see a woman like you standing up for what you believe and still loving like Jesus and walking like him.

    Nykiah @ howtotrainasuperhero.com

    • The clothing by no means can reflect a person’s heart. It always makes me a bit sad when a person claims to be a Christian and their actions are anything BUT Christlike. Sometimes I can almost understand how many unbelievers hate Christians.

      Regardless, one can have a holier than thou attitude no matter how they dress.
      We have a saying in our Church that refers to baptism but it also applies to our dress as well. Our baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. Without the inward change though, the outward sign is misleading and false.

  37. Let me just say that I am a practicing Catholic and had honestly not realized that this was actually versed in the Bible. I found my way to your site just looking around for a way to keep my greens longer lol.
    I was intrigued by your covering and wondered about it and then read your post “why Do I Wear a Covering” and I am happy to see a rise in couples returning to the “old ways”.
    You have inspired me to look into this further with my religion

  38. I’m glad that you shared your personal reasons for head coverings. We are more likely to become inspired by someone’s personal story than by having attitudes imposed on us without understanding how they can effect us on a deeper level. We can all relate to one another.

  39. Kendra,
    Thank you for sharing your convictions! We live in a small town of just 800 people and just outside of town is a Mennonite community. On several occasions in the larger town near us or even at our gas station we have seen the woman from this community and my 7yr old son always comments on the woman coverings. He has questioned why they choose to wear them, which thankfully I was able to answer. He has also stated that the coverings he thinks are beautiful and asked why I do not wear one. My husband does not feel the need for me to wear a covering, but he does prefer me to keep my hair longer. I must say whenever I see a woman with a covering I am overcome with a deep admiration for them to (in my eyes) wear their faith so bodly. I think it is a beautiful thing! I think it is wonderful that you have shared your story with us. I have often prayed for guidance on whether I should cover my head at least during church, but have yet to be given an answer. For now I will wait and trust that the Lord will answer in His own time. Have a blessed day!

    • Thanks for commenting Christina, I think I mentioned it in my post above, but I will mention it to you again. Is it possible that you have your answer? Your husband doesn’t see the need for you to wear a covering, so for now that is your answer. However, do keep praying about it, but let your prayer be that if God wants you personally to cover your head, that, that command will come from your husband. In the meantime, honor him in the way he has asked, with long hair.


  40. Thank you for posting this. I grew up in a community that had a lot of Mennonite and Amish families in it, and almost all of the ‘English’ families there had members who were Amish at one point. I always thought that the head covering was just to declare what faith they were. We could tell the Amish and the Mennonites apart, of course, because of the difference in clothing material, even though both were covering their heads. I have had lots of friends that wore the head-coverings over the years, but never thought once to ask what it was for! I am a Christian and grew up in a Christian family, but I never knew about this passage. It is very likely something I read over, thinking that it was a custom-thing and no longer applied. I am very curious about all of this now though and I plan to call my mom to see what she thinks, what my great-grandma wrote in her study Bible about it, and what the pastor says on it. I already believe in being submissive to my husband and I don’t mind letting the world know I follow Christ, but I also feel that my prayer to God is constant and I have a good connection with him. It would make me awfully sad to think that all those times I felt so close to him that I’ve been doing less than I could or should have. (Also, I might feel like that limited my prayer while hair-brushing, showering, being forgetful, etc. I talk to God as if He were constantly at my side – which He is!)

    • I do talk to God a lot just like that. :) And times when I’m swimming I don’t wear a covering either (although I do tie on a bandana as soon as I leave the water). I don’t feel that I cannot talk to God when I’m not covered though.
      I feel that by covering my (physical) head, I am honoring my (spiritual) head, which is my husband.

  41. Thank you for sharing your personal convictions. I am praying about marrying a stranger as part of an arranged marriage, and seeing other woman blog about submission is encouraging.

  42. I live in Holland, and when I go to church, I wear a hat.
    Thank you for your blog, today I found it!

  43. I also just stubled upon this blog on Pinterest. I am having a difficult time not as much with your blog post but with some of the comments regarding women wearing pants.From what I understand we no longer live according to old testament laws. While some say but the ten commandments are in the old testament, yes but Matthew 22:37-39 covers that up for us. The God I read about in the Bible looks at what is in a persons heart not what they are wearing. Wearing skirts or even a head covering does not let people know I am a follower of Christ or submissive and honoring to my husband, my actions do. I respect every womans choice to choose their own choice of attire for whatever reasons and I definitely believe modesty is something we should all practice to show respect to our husbands and all men for that matter. But to say people will not see I am a christian or my reasons, motives should be questioned because of my decision to wear jeans , to me is legalistic.

  44. For those that have more questions about Head Covering they should check out this website…. http://www.headcoveringmovement.com/

    I believe that if I don’t cover my head and I just use my long hair as a covering, then my husband would need to shave his head. Since it says in I Corinthians 11 that men must not cover their heads while praying. Another reason to cover your head is to let others know you are a Christian and it’s a way of witnessing to those who ask why you cover. It’s amazing how quickly some people stop using foul language and show respect, when they see a woman come near them wearing a veiling! We as Christians are to be separate from the world! :) Thanks Kendra for your post and explanations to those who have questions.

  45. Hi Kendra!

    I praise the Lord for you. While I don’t wear a covering I can hear your love for Jesus and it shows me that we must all obey what we feel the Lord wants us to do. I respect you standing on this! Amen my sweet sister.

  46. Jennifer says:

    I have actually started my journey on covering my head. It’s been on my heart for years but never understood why. I know this is not our faith but I have always respected the Muslim women for their tradition of modesty even if it’s forced on them. The tradition, teachings and reasons are beautiful. I never knew that covering our heads was a sign of submission to our husbands but my heart was and is leaning towards the modesty of it and the reverence towards God. I agree that’s it’s up to each women to where God is leading them. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

    FYI, I had my head shaved and it felt so good and free. :) but I guess in their day and time it was shameful. :)

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I understand the feeling free part :) I had nearly waist length hair and cut it to be donated. I remember feeling like I needed to hold my head on!
      If my memory serves me right, a woman’s hair was shaved off as a punishment. It also seems that the prostitutes were bald, but I may be wrong about that.

  47. Definitely food for thought! I have to be honest I have never actually given this topic any thought. I am kind of intrigued now. I’m going to have to do some Bible digging on this.

    Thanks for sharing your convictions with us!

  48. Hi! This popped up and I was rather intrigued so I thought I’d read! Let me just start by saying that I support and respect you 100% in this if it’s something you’ve prayed and sought God in, nothing anyone should say should stop you and I know its controversial so good on you for sticking to His will for you! I have often read the passage and considered the same thing but actually gained some interest information from a pastor when I asked about it, so heres my knowledge for anyone else interested in the topic! And as you say, it can be applied to our culture too! Apparently the reason this was written was because in those days, women with shaved heads or very short hair were/had been prostitues (or women of that nature) so the letter asks all women to cover their heads so as to stop from discrimination or judgement within the church that would have happened at that time, so all women could be respected equally, so for example in our world, a woman who stood up to prophesy in a very low cut top and short skirt would be seen as unmodest and probably be a distraction or cause her to be judged, even if her prayers were perfectly valid and godly! So just a bit of info I’ve heard, may not be all correct and certainly shouldn’t change your own behaviour because again, I totally respect you for what you do if thats what you’ve heard from God!

    • I too have heard that explanation, but recently came upon something that has once again confirmed that the headcovering was meant for us today as well.

      Most of Paul’s letters are written and addressed directly to one location or church, or person. However 1 Corinthians is addressed a little differently.

      “Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours:” 1 Cor. 1:2

      Look closely at that verse. It clearly states the letter is to the church at Corinth, but goes on to include all that are sanctified in Christ, called to be saints, who call upon the name of Jesus, in every place. I believe this would mean us today as well.

      With an understanding that the 1st letter to the Corinthians was written to us today as well, I have no way to reason away any of the words written therein.

      I found that verse so interesting that I went on to compare all the other letters that Paul wrote and the greetings he used. Only 1 Corinthians is clearly directed to the church today as well.

      • Ah I see! I’ve never thought of it that way before and yes I understand that conclusion does make actually a lot of sense, something else I definitely will consider and look into! Never wpuld have picked up on it that way and while yes there probably was a cultural aspect to thr verse, I think it probably should be looked at more closely and prayerfully regarding modern church than I probably gave it credit for! But also I understand theres no one way to look at any part if the bible, God reveals His wisdom to everyone in His own way but all together, your point of view definitely makes a lot more sense than I’d considered!

        • There are so many ways of reading the bible! I’ve always been one to simply read and take it at face value. If the bible says so, then it’s so. But more recently I’ve been reading and looking a little deeper.

          I’m learning that the bible is a bit like our bodies. Everything works together, if it’s in the bible then there is a reason for it and for us reading it today.

          It’s amazing how well this single book written over hundreds of years, manages to all be interlinked as though one writer created it. And I suppose it’s true, we believe the bible to be divinely inspired and that’s the only way it could be so intertwined from the first page to the last.


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