You Are Worth it! How Becoming a Mom Showed me God’s Love

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I looked down into the eyes of my perfect little boy. Just 5 days old and I was in love already.  The hormones were still raging and I was near tears most of the time. Just looking at him made me feel teary eyed.

Kissing his little cheeks I whisper “You are worth it! You were worth all those days of feeling sick. You were worth the aching hips and back….” I continue listing everything I suffered while being pregnant and then giving birth.

"You are worth it" I whispered to my small son, and I hear the words repeated in my heart by the Lord...

“You are worth it all” I whisper. And then I hear another whisper; this whisper is to my heart. “You are worth it. You were worth the sacrifice of my son. You were worth all of his sufferings…”

I gasp. My heart feels like it’s going to burst.  It took being married to understand the relationship between Christ and his church; now as a mom I finally see a true glimpse of how much God the father loves me!!!

I’ve never doubted his love, but as a new mom I saw more clearly than ever before how much he loves me.

The love I hold in my heart for my little son pales so much compared to the love God has for me. And I stand in awe of that. That the creator of the entire universe could love me so much that he was willing to suffer far more than any woman ever suffered in childbirth.

Being a mom has increased my love towards my God so much. It has increased my awe and amazement towards him and sometimes when I wonder how God could possibly still love me in spite of everything; I still hear him say “you are worth it, you are my child and I will always love you”.


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  1. Beautifully put!

  2. Oh, such a joy HE give us! There is nothing that compares to the bond of mother and child. Yes, we joyfully love being the woman HE created us to be. JO You are blessed.

  3. I agree,we experience gods love in a new level when we become parents :)

  4. This is so beautiful Kendra!

  5. I have a question about finding a group to fellowship with. Sorry, my comment is not on the topic of this post. How would you encourage others along the path of walking with the King in the way of conservative, bible believing, Jesus following, christian fellowship? We are, in a nutshell, in a state of transition – if that ever ends that would be great! And we have visited several churches in our area but are looking for fellowship. Finding time with others is easy and on Sundays everyone is kind, so it’s more Theology and fellowship that we are looking at when we visit. We are the kind of family that has a desire to seve the Lord as a family in our learning as well as in our work. I am a rescent head coverer and have dressed conservatively for years. That’s just a bit more about us. I hope you have some ideas to help me out in this area. Thank you for your encouragement. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • I’m afraid I do not understand your question very well.
      As far as encouraging others, in a sense that’s what this site has become. Outside of the web, I suppose the encouragement is offered by just being there for each other.

  6. I so understand this feeling! It’s such a clear representation of God’s relationship with us. Now we understand what it’s like to have children!

    Having children has also led me to understand other things as well, such as when my four-year-old questions what I tell him to do… why should he question me? This is how we are with the Lord: He is all knowing, all powerful, while we – His children – know very little, yet [sometimes] question Him. Makes you think twice about the things the Lord commands us to do!


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